Movie Review::Ra.One!

When I was a kid and used to watch Superhero movies(i wasn a great fan of those and watched very few) I used to always think, like how the superhero saved New York and Washington when Statue of Liberty and White House were trembling who would save CST in Mumbai if it was coming down.Days and years passed and I finally realized that superheroes were REALLY not my cup of tea.Although I believed Krissh was a fine movie it still did not make me take desi superheroes seriously!

This is where steps up.Directed by Anubhav Sinha and “managed” by Shah Rukh Khan; is a delightful entertainer which has the same age old formula of good vs evil but has its own perception which makes it work.SRK has his formulae of winning the audience like other 2 Khans; be it Salman s street smart acts or Aamir s different thematic avatars.In too SRK does what he always does the best.A simple dialogue, a simple scene enacted in his “own”way.Add to this a novel plot in backdrop and some mind boggling special effects which Hindi cinema has never seen till date, it becomes a perfect potboiler to watch this Diwali. tells us the story like many other Hollywood movies what happens when technology starts having its own intelligence.A game comes alive and so do the characters in it.Though it might seem in-digestive to cope up with the story line, whats interesting to see is how its woven into a script.If we can believe a spider bite and gene transformations in human; is definitely on the ranks to make itself stand out amongst other superhero movies.There are few scenes in the movie which truly leave an impact:-

1.Watch out for the scene when SRK tries to tell his son why he gave the money off to the thief without a fight.
2.Scene when comes alive
3.Conversation between Kareena and SRK and
4.The final confrontation between the characters.

The child Armaan Verma who plays the role of SRK s kid does a brilliant job even when stands beside veterans like Kareena and SRK.Kareena adds the glam quotient perfectly required to a movie like this; watch out for her when she explains her thesis of gaalis as why there are only “Maa-ki’s” and “Behen Ki’s” and not “Bhai Ki’s” and “Baap-Ki’s”.Arjun Rampal is good as it requires him to show just one expression throughout the movie and also he appears quite late in the movie.On the flip side movie gets a bit dramatic in the second hour after the first hour is high on steam.

All in all, if want to continue your cheering after the India’s 5-0 rout over England, Ra.One appears to be best candidate in line!




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