Movie Review::The Dirty Picture

Not so long ago there was a trend amongst movie makers to make movies which were realistic, hard-hitting, heart wrenching so that they could connect with the audience.In the process of making these movies, makers almost forgot that CINEMA is made for one primary reason and that is entertainment.The Dirty Picture which speaks about the rise and fall of the undisputed star of Indian adult film industry Silk Smitha, brings together reality and typical bollywood-masala.Although the story of the movie is not one to scream out for but certainly the way it is packed with a realistic approach and also a solid punch of entertainment makes it interesting.The director Milan Luthria succeeds to an extent in this regard.
Before I move ahead let me caution all the would-be movie watchers :  “This movie is certainly NOT for the family audiences and people believing in novelistic cinema”.Each and every frame of the movie portrays the picture of why the “adult-entertainment” factor ruled the roost in the 80’s.But I did get a feel that in some scenes it was overly done.Agreed that Silk (Vidya Balan) is potrayed as an adult film actress but u need not show her in that avatar all the time! These actresses can be dressed adequately in some scenes at least.Also the second half of the movie looks too stretched specially after Silk starts losing herself to failure which could have been trimmed.Some characters in the movie are also very under-developed.
Coming to performances, I would say that there are 2 things that make this movie -Vidya’s bold and confident portrayal of Silk and ofcourse the dialogues of the movie.In the cinema hall which I was in ,there were claps every few mins for those “palang-thod” dialogues which are used in the movie at appropriate times.Vidya Balan clearly shows that just by shedding few clothes on screen you need not assume you are a bold and confident actress.You also need to have your dialogues, expressions in the right place and ofcourse you should make yourself connected to the role you are playing.Rest of the cast, be it Emraan(hardly 15 mins of screen space), Naseer Saab and Tusshar get limited scope as the movie has Vidya all over it.Yet some of the scenes of these actors leave a mark. Specially Naseer Saabs one-liners about the “niyams” of movie industry.
On the whole, The Dirty Picture is a one-time watch movie.Watch it for Vidya s powerhouse performance and menacing dialogues hearing to which your ears will go numb for a while.Infact after a certain while you will start finding the “extra” meaning in other normal dialogues too!

I would go with 3 on 5 stars for this movie!



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