Knock knock

Knock Knock.. Who’s there? God.. God who? God science..

There is a question that surprisingly everyone asks themselves at least once in a lifetime. Is there a God? I am just one of those people who were intrigued by the entity and the question. Another one such person with the instinct to question is my friend Kashyap. And our counter believes coupled with the knack of supporting everything with logic made a titanic of an argument.

Question being Does a God exist? In order to answer this question, we have to visit many other concepts and ask ourselves many other questions. The process will be tedious but the result will be fruitful.

Was there a beginning of time? If so then what was before it? Was the beginning of time the beginning of God? Or was time preordained to come to a point where mankind exists?

If that is the case then it seems the entire point of existence of everything was merely so that mankind can exist, that the entire universe and laws of physics are ‘human centric’?

Is that not our insatiable egos speaking?

For then it would imply that the Gods too were created so that they can accomplish their greatest piece of art which is mankind. Incredible is it not, that indeed when we say that ‘God loves us the most, God made us, God provided for us, God forgave us’ that is what we mean, that we mankind is the only reason God exists and that God made the universe for US. Let us for one second believe this ridiculous theory.

But if we are God’s greatest creation and God has succeeded then that would mean that we will live forever and not evolve. So does this all fit together? Is this the end of the line for adaption? Are we the best evolution has to offer? Of course not, we will still keep evolving. But that means that either God has relinquished the control of the locomotive called evolution and this locomotive is taking its own course, or that we are not God’s greatest creation and that indeed whatever might be the center of the universe, we mankind are definitely not that.

If there was a beginning of time then that would mean that everything before that didn’t move. If something moves or has mass, you can quantify time. Even the basic vibration of all matter is quantifiable. If that is the case then it implies that nothing existed before this beginning of time. That even the simplest smallest matter did not move. This might be possible with such a state of equilibrium that all the forces of gravity and electrostatic forces balance each other out in completion, even the vibrational energy. If this were to be, then what led this state of equilibrium to the state of rapid change which is the Big Bang? There needs to be put a lot of effort to change this state from the state of equilibrium to non-equilibrium. Did God put this work? Confusing , is it not?

There was a time when we were cavemen. We would go out, hunt, eat, sleep and die. There was almost no exploration or science. It was during this time that we began to fear the sudden lightening in the night sky and the water pouring from the heavens. It was at this moment that man’s fear created a kin of a Rubik’s cube so tough that we will almost forever search for its solution and might never be able to solve it. Thus came, like in many religions, the God of sun, the God of wind, the God of thunder and so on. But is there such a thing?

I personally believe I have a solution but I have arguments I cannot answer myself. I believe that God’s master piece is not mankind, but rather science. It is like God created a multidimensional fabric that we call the universe. Then in this universe he created laws like gravity, electrostatic force, the 3 laws discovered by newton, matter, time and so on. Then he shook this universe like a snow globe ( and sat back to see the snow falling and time unfold. We and everything else is just a chance. Like a dice outcome. There is no divine intervention, no Gods speaking to humans, no Gods taking the form of humans to walk amongst us. We are almost inconsequential to him.

Now we have a dice which has many faces. When you roll a dice, a number say x faces upward. The possibility of you rolling this number is 1/6. If you roll the dice 6 times, theoretically the number x will come at least once. What when you roll the dice 20 times? What when you roll it a thousand times? The number x is unavoidable and will come back up again.

The Big Bang is something the scientists predict is a repetitive cycle with a cycle time of perhaps a trillion years. We can, to humor ourselves, consider each Big Bang a different face of a dice. Each time the dice is rolled, it is Big Bang. And each time a face points up, it is an outcome.

There might be countless outcomes to this dice, extra-terrestrial beings instead of us, a cycle where no life forms exist and so on. But this dice is being rolled since forever and will be rolled forever. We are just one of its trillion faces and thus outcome x. So that means x will turn up again for sure. What you and me are now will eventually come to be again as it is and has already been countless number of times. Is there a God with such a cruel sense of humor that he will let us be in this limbo forever? I do not believe a God can be so cruel. This proves a God could not exist.

If a God does not exist then why is everything made in pairs? Why does gravity exist? I know the formula too. But HOW does it exist?

What changed energy’s mood and made it turn to matter?

Why is there an electrostatic force and how is it exerted?

I might be asking questions which are the basis to alchemy itself but point is we cannot answer these questions and there has to be a reason why we can’t. Perhaps we can and we just need more time and science. Who knows?

There is a simple explanation that can answer all our questions. There exists no God. This is also in line with a theory that is called Occam’s razor (Thanks Mukundh). It states that “Occam’s razor, also known as Ockham’s razor, and sometimes expressed in Latin as lex parsimoniae (the law of parsimony, economy or succinctness), is a principle that generally recommends from among competing hypotheses selecting the one that makes the fewest new assumptions.”

Simply put, we are more bound to be right in our calculations and decisions if we assume as less as possible. The more assumptions we make, the greater chance of one of them being wrong and hence the outcome being wrong. Hence we should live as if no God existed, because if we cannot explain a God and define him then it is safe to call his existence an assumption. I personally believe a God does exist and all my actions are based on a fear of an almighty who might say I am wrong.

Kashyap believes otherwise, “How do we measure a God?”

If this God wanted to see how matter behaves with these limited number of laws and without any outside influence from him, then he exempt himself from these dimensions we can measure. Thus if he exists, he is matter-less, has no joules or watts, he does not emit or absorb light and so on. In short, we cannot see, understand, hear or perceive him in any way.

These thought are incomplete and will remain so. I do not think I or anyone else can solve them because we cannot measure what needs to be measured.

If there is no limit to knowledge and human learning then perhaps we can one day understand these non measurable dimensions and learn how to manipulate them. Won’t that make us a God? Well no.. A God is not defined by power right? But by justice and wisdom and kindness. If he is kind and all such things then he would interfere with the happenings and answer our prayers right? But he does not.. Does that prove he does not exist? I don’t know… It’s for you to believe.

Tonight when you are sleeping, try to ask yourself.. “How do you define God?”


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