Movie Review:: Paanch

I do not know why I am writing a review for this UN-released movie.It s because I feel Paanch  is a must release considering its mind-boggling storyline, deft execution of scenes and best of all the spine chilling climax! Paanch, directed by Anurag Kashyap was banned by censor board for “certain reasons” which I shall state below:-

The film glorifies violence(As if all the movies releasing these days are perfect for family viewing!); it shows the modus operandi of a crime (“killing of a police officer”-So Censor board should have banned Shaan, Garv, Gangaajal etc); it shows excessive use of drugs(then ban Hare Raama Hare Krishna, Dev D); it has double meaning dialogues (“with sexual undertones”- stop releasing most of  the comedy movies made in India ); it has no positive characters(Still shocked to see this as a reason!! ); it does not carry a social message(Oh right! All the Govinda and Mithun s movies did..forgot?).

I am sure you will agree with me that these reasons stated by Board really seem futile to ban a movie, that too of such a class!

Paanch talks about 4 friends, their love for music, their life entangled in dreams, drugs and deceit.One of them Luke(Kay Kay Menon) is the self imposed leader of the gang who is  slightly better in terms of monetary condition and dominates the group at every instance.They all are a part of  an aspiring band which also has a highly “immoral” girl who is the lead vocalist.Rest of story is  mainly about how a kidnapping act goes  horribly wrong and how the thirst for success coupled by drugs makes the youth crazy and impulsive.But Anurag Kashyap saves the best for climax.

I agree that to make the movie more realistic some of the scenes have been shot with lot of bloodshed and gore, but trust me that’s what makes you feel the world of Paanch.Talking about performances Kay Kay Menon is simply superb.The drunken conversation with Aditya Srivastava will tell you why he is one of the finest actors on screen today.Also his character which is etched out so crisply has a loud voice “Franz Kafka, Van Gogh, Michelangelo were unrecognized geniuses in their life. Recognize me!!”.Aditya Srivastava as Murgi, matches KKM at every step! Rest of the cast also manage to play themselves into the characters.

There are few scenes which will keep lingering in your mind once the movie gets over.

1.Killing of the kidnapped friend by Kay Kay Menon.

2.Police officer s first meeting with the group.

3.Set of events which occur post the  murder of the old man.

4.Climax! Nothing beats this one!!!

Thanks to torrents, i was able to watch this magnificent piece of cinema and also appreciate it!Easily a 4 on 5 for this movie.It would go down as one of those movie which are strictly one-time watch mainly because of the riveting story and suspense.I am just amazed by the fact that Paanch made almost 10 years ago not only  has Anurag’s brilliance all over it but also has was far ahead of its time.Only if it was appreciated at the right time then we would not have made such a maverick movie-maker take a back seat and wait for his time to come; which finally has.



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