Movie Review::Agneepath(2012)

“Naam…. Vijay Dinanath Chauhan” When Agneepath released in 1990, this dialogue did not have a baritone feel to it.So the makers decided to re-dub the whole movie in which Amitabh Bachchan was asked to speak in a husky, baritone voice which would add a spark to his character.Though it did not work on the audience those days, over the years his role in Agneepath gained a cult status.Fetching him a National award for his performance was just the beginning.Post the success of  Don(The chase begins again) in 2006, there was a new formula which Bollywood thought was up for grabs.It was about mixing the age-old superhit formula with a contemporary feel.Movies like Karzzz, Umrao Jaan and Sholay(unforgettable) tanked at the Box Office proving that even making good remakes was not child s play.Cut to 2012, it takes one of most successful production houses, a producer who has a penchant for every aspect of Cinema, an actor who s recent past has been horrendous and a debutant director to resurrect a movie which had failed to get the cash registers filling during its time but nevertheless it had 2 of its actors (Big B and Mithun) winning National Awards!

Lets start the disection now! One the whole concept of revenge remains the same but the surroundings change.Addition of Rishi Kapoor’s character of Rauf Lala is a masterstroke.Besides that the whole look and feel of the movie is contemporary which makes it even more engaging.One of the most important high points of the movie is the screen play.Each and every scene is carefully written and handled quite astutely.Be it the setting of Mandva village or streets of Bombay dock; looks very realistic.Even music unlike the previous Agneepath is quite compelling, specially the background score of the movie.
Coming down to the performances.Hrithik as Vijay is top notch.After duds like Guzaarish and Kites, he is back where he belongs to!Best part of his act is that he never tries to emulate Big B’s Vijay.He plays himself into the role so gloriously that after sometime I gave up comparing the two acts.Priyanka is competent in a very “I am also there in the movie” kind of role.Rishi Kapoor is in form yet again.You just cannot imagine that he is the same actor who played sober roles like ones in Daamini, Deewana , Sagar or even Bobby.As a negative character he gets into the skin of the character, watch out for the scene where meets Kaancha.Om Puri gets little scope as Commissioner Gaitonde.Now comes the biggest and brightest performance which is THE show stealer.Sanjay Dutt as Kaancha is simply amazing.Perhaps you can call him as scariest villain ever(After Gabbar Singh ofcourse).He simply sets the screen ablaze every time he is on it.Be it him reciting verses from Bhagwad Geeta, killing Master Dinanath Chauhan or even the climax; Dutt Saab you simply rock!!Please avoid  Rascals and Chatur Singh Two Star and do more of these kind of roles.
Agneepath gets a thumbs up from me! Would give it  4.5 on 5 stars.Be it the story, performances or even direction by debutante Karan Malhotra is superb.Ofcourse it also carries the asli masala in form of Chikni Chameli where Katrina sizzles which results in loads of wolf whistles all around.I would say Agneepath is one of best remakes to come out of Bollywood after Don(2006).Watch to know other side of actors you have never seen before, be it vengeful Hrithik, cunning Rishi Kapoor or baddie bad Sanjay Dutt! Go book your tickets now!!

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