Movie Review::Agent Vinod

When I first heard the title Agent Vinod about 4 years ago, I remember scoffing at it saying it is going to be another would-be-shelved kind of an ambitious movie.It became even more apparent with the 2 names involved there- Saif Ali Khan and Sriram Raghavan.Agreed Sriram had shown us a different Saif in his outing Ek Hasina Thi but again with a title like  Agent Vinod, supposedly  the Bollywood’s trendiest spy movies -my belief became even more stronger with the continuous delays the movie had in its making.Finally today was the day I was seated in Screen 1 of Fame Shankarnag watching this movie touted to be Bollywoodish Bond movie! I expected it to be a Sriram Raghavan movie with a tinge of suave Saif Ali Khan but alas it turned out to be a Saif movie with glimpses of Sriram Raghavan in it.

Well saying so let me dissect the movie and let me do it stitch by stitch.Agent Vinod boasts of a simple story told in a very complicated way.There are characters who appear on the screen to get killed.Infact there is either a bullet fired or a person killed in every scene(I remember Rambo 4 had something similar).The plot is very predictable and to show it woefully unfold on screen it takes excruciating 2.5 hours.Be it the ISI connection, be it the involvement of “influential” people from within, come on Bollywood! we have seen it all.Only person who does justice to this movie is Saif with his uber cool lines and a panache for everything he does on screen whether it is proving to Prem Chopra  that he just saw his dead mother in the house or blasting a Taliban camp in Afghanistan.He eases into the role as he often does these days. About Kareena,what has happen to her?Post 3 Idiots she has been doing movies which dont really give her any scope whatsoever be it Golmaal 3, Bodyguard or might be one of her most forgettable roles where she fumbles even in the simplest of scenes where she needs to deliver few dialogues.Add to it the extra pounds she s gained, she looks painful on screen.Talented actors like Ram Kapoor, Prem Chopra and Rajat Kapoor are thoroughly wasted.Music, well there are 3 songs in the movie, 2 of them are straight rip offs from other songs and 1 one of them is so bad that it makes us notice how bad Kareena does a mujra rather than anything else in the movie.

I would give Agent Vinod 1 out of 5 stars.More than a spy movie its a just a movie where the crew wanted to have a bit of tour around the world and so they decided to shoot it across the world in countries not only like Russia,Morroco, Pakistan but also Lativia and Somalia! The movie might end up raking good cash at Box Office(So did Bodyguard) but in my opinion its just another flawed attempt by Bollywood to be different.
Final Verdict- Kahaani another time YES! Agent Vinod once- Resounding NO! Colossal failure in my eyes!!


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