Movie Review::Vicky Donor

First time when I heard about this movie I thought  it was one of those movie which go unnoticed post release.But when I saw its theatrical promo I was intrigued by 3 things.a.Story line (Sperm Donation) b.Fresh Face (Aayushman) c.Return of the Prodigal (Annu Kapoor).And these are exactly the 3 things which make the movie work.Thank God! For once the a Bollywood movie lives upto its staggering promo.

 As you all would have rightly guessed the movie Vicky Donor has sperm donation as its back drop.It not only speaks of this lesser known type-of donation but also in its own way educates the cine goers.It traces the life of a cool urban dude Aayushman (Vicky) who turns a sperm donor after much persuasion by Dr.Baldev Chaddha.Rest of the story is about how this decision impacts his life and how he overcomes the hurdles.Aayushman as the main protagonist is simply awesome.He eases into his role without any difficulty.He handles the quirky lines as well as the emotional scenes with much aplomb.Annu Kapoor as Dr.Baldev Chaddha is sure to become one of the iconic characters of modern Indian cinema.He is simply superb.Be it his scene in which he convinces Aayushman to donate or be it the scenes where he talks to his clients, he is terrific with his Punjabi accent.The other 2 characters who light up the screen are Dolly Ahluwalia and the old woman playing Vicky s grandmother.Both of them are completely natural in their roles.But somewhere in the second half the movie loses its plot and recovers at the end.Music by debutants Abhi-Akshay is fresh and pleasant.Paani Da track stands out.Shoojit Sircar shows that even with an unconventional theme you can still make a fine piece of cinema.
On a whole Vicky Donor is a fun filled ride.It sweeps you off your feet with its cheeky dialogues and out of the world characters.If you haven watched it till now, Hurry up and book your tickets soon!

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