Movie Review::The Dark Knight Rises

2008- There was absolute madness all over. That smirk of Joker, those pinching dialogues, those exhilarating action scenes which still linger in your minds. The Dark Knight captured the hearts and minds of people worldwide. Me and my friend Narendra(Nari) have spent countless hours discussing about each and every scene of The Dark Knight dissecting it in every dimension.

2012- Seated in the theatre with Nari watching the epic ending of the Batman saga. As the thumping music of Batman series starts we both know that we are in for another Christopher Nolan classic. But what we did not know that this movie will not only make us clap, whistle and cheer for Batman but also take us through a journey of fall and rise. Yes this is exactly what Nolan has done with the Batman saga. And hell yes! He does it brilliantly.

The Dark Knight Rises takes 8 years post  death of Harvey Dent with the whole of Gotham assuming that Batman killed Dent and escaped. It brings in very interesting characters; Catwoman(Anne Hathway), Blake(Gordon Levit) and monstrous  Bane(Tom Hardy). All the 3 actors play their roles to perfection. Other regulars like  Morgan Freeman, Micheal Caine and Gary Oldman are brilliant as usual.

More than its performances TDKR rests on its storytelling and twists, full credits to Nolan for that. The movie is about 162 minutes which is quite long for a Hollywood movie but you just dont feel it. The way Nolan fits the whole jigsaw of Gordon coming to know that Bruce is Batman and drawing connections with Raas Al Gul simply shows the filmmakers knack of telling the story his own way. The part where Bane breaks Batman s back and Batman actually asks for death,  not only signifies a broken back for Batman but also his broken spirit to fight back. The climb(rise) from the pit is quite superbly directed.

There are few scenes in the movie which certainly stay in your brain post movie

1. The stadium collapsing scene which is beautifully executed.

2.Alfred and Bruce s conversation about Rachel s letter.

3. Scene where the old man in the pit tells Bruce that its not the body which should be freed but its the soul of the person.

4.Climax of course!!

A very special movie for me which was worth waiting for 4 long years. As the curtains closed on one of my favourite superheroes of all times there is one thing which I take back from the whole of Batman series- We all fall in our life..only to learn how to pick ourselves up and rise high!



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