Movie Review::Ek Tha Tiger

Coming together of Yashraj and Salman is nothing short of an epic. Specially when you add a director whose previous outing was a path-breaking one. When the first promos were flashed on; I was simply awe-struck by it. Now the question is does the movie live up to hype which it managed to generate from the time it was announced? Will the pairing of Salman and Katrina create magic on screen? My answer is a strict “NO”; atleast for the first question!

Ek Tha Tiger talks about the life of a RAW Agent who is supposed to be having a class of his own. Though he never returns from an assignment without killing an enemy, he is easily the most dependable of the lot. One mission changes his whole life. Seems like a one-line movie plot? Yes it is! In terms of story it has nothing new to offer apart from some obvious twists which even the sleepiest of the audience would guess. Add to it some perfectly Bollywood-ish action stunts like stopping a tram by dis-connecting its antenna with jacket and diving onto an airplane using super-bikes; it really makes you feel stupid; infact out and out stupid. Agreed movies like Ready and Bodyguard were equal no-brainers but hold on, they were supposed to be no-brainers. But Ek Tha Tiger was supposed to be high on content. I only wish they had added some content to make the audience think or even make them wait for the next twist.
Performances in the movie are truly as expected. Salman as usual plays himself. He is really getting better and better at it. Katrina tries hard yet again. Apart from some glycerin moments and action scenes she has nothing much to contribute. Girish Karnad and Ranvir Shorey play their parts well. But I believe the biggest let down was by the director Kabir Khan. After Kabul Express and New York, you really expect him to come up with another gripping tale. Alas he fails at it. Apart from it the movie also has some visible bloopers in it. Why is the Indian flag fluttering in Northern Iraq?(Opening sequence of the movie). Even after being caught on the surveillance camera, Salman and Katrina are still enjoying a boxing match in open. Aren’t they supposed to be in disguise or just quit the country?
On a whole Ek Tha Tiger is for those Salman fans to whom single-handedly made Ready and Bodyguard blockbusters and I am sure ETT will not be spared too. Watch the movie only if you feel that during this extended weekend (inspite of your salary day being far off) you still want to blow up some good cash watching this over-hyped piece of cinema. My Advice- Buy a DVD of Byomkesh Bakshi series and enjoy it with some lovely home-made food.

3 thoughts on “Movie Review::Ek Tha Tiger

  1. My words only need to add one thing when they both at end escape thru bus . Salman was on left and Katrina on right but while hanging salman was on right Katrina on left and when ever Katrina jump from some place her landing is so stupid as she jumped from a stool

  2. Totally disagree with the reviews posted on this blog.ETT is the all time blockbuster movie which is going to cross 200 cr soon.

  3. Most of the reasons you didn’t like the movie, seem to be based on your expectations.
    Expectations from the director, from the marketing, from Yash Raj’s background, etc.

    I agree this wasn’t as innovative and groundbreaking as Kabir Khan’s previous 2 films, however why is there such a pressure from ‘serious’ directors to only do ‘serious’ films? I saw EK THA TIGER as what it was, a light hearted action romance flick. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Salman’s acting: There’s subtle nuances to every role he chooses. Half the movie here, he spends being a nerd, toning down his Spy background. Interesting that when Salman does it, it’s panned. Yet when SRK does the same type of role in MAIN HOON NA, it becomes a ‘block buster’ performance.

    Action: I agree the Tram thing was dumb. However, the Parkour style hand to hand action was quite innovative, and not at all ‘Bollywood-ish’. If you’ve seen films like EXPENDABLES & ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO, the action sequences of EK THA TIGER, were comparable.

    EK THA TIGER might have been better received if it wasn’t ‘expected’ to be anything more than what it was.

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