Food-o-holics::Chaipatty, Indiranagar

Although this thought about writing reviews for yummilicious food across the garden city was one of the floaters in my brain for quite sometime, I really have to credit Aayush for coming up with the complete idea. So after writing quite a few reviews for movies, decided to come up with a section for food reviews! Food-o-holics. 

So first in the list is the one of the most popular hangout places in Indiranagar, Chaipatty. It was my friend Khushaali who came up with the idea to meet up at this place and Vinayak never had a doubt that it would be anything less than a tea stall when he finally made it to the place 😉
Why you should go there– Situated on one of the busiest roads of Bangalore(100ft road) this place with its open air setting makes up for a perfect place to have the Masala Kullad Chai along with some delicious snacks like Corn Churmur, Cheese Balls, Maggi Noodles and Gobilicious. Specially the Pakodas(Aloo) are one of the best I have had in Bangalore. This place also has an interesting collection of fiction/non-fiction books. Add to it the populist music which is played in the background. The staff is friendly and most importantly diligent in taking orders and then delivering at the earliest. Usually crowded with college students, this place gives you a perfect feel of a college-waala hangout place where you see groups playing DC, Mafia or just chatting away to glory!
Price tag– Prices are on the moderate side considering the taste of the food and location of the place. Average cost for 2 people would be about INR 200-250.
Hope I deep dive into my thoughts and come up with some more information which I feel could be added to the Food-o-holic section.

2 thoughts on “Food-o-holics::Chaipatty, Indiranagar

  1. Nice to know about it. Well I am a Tea Planter based in Assam manufacturing one of the finest and top quality Certified Organic CTC Teas. Would like to associate myself with you for a Brand promo thru such blogs etc.

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