Movie Review::Heroine

Madhur Bhandarkar s style of film-making is straight forward. Take an industry(Bar, Corporate, ct Fashion). Dissect it stitch by stitch. Rope in an actress who desperately needs a solo hit(Tabu, Bipasha, Priyanka). Give them  98% of the screen space and scenes which give them scope to a play a role from a ruthless bitch to a lost queen. End result- Critics love the movie. Actress wins an award. Madhur starts searching for another industry. This is where my question comes in. In this whole chain where is the audience Mr.Bhandarkar? Do you think we can applaud everytime you create similar sequences in every movie of yours? Answer is a strong NO! Agreed I still give Heroine a thumbs up quite simply because of Kareena’s superlative act, but the movie is still well below my expectations.

The only slight difference which I feel with Heroine is that, it does not trace the rise and fall of actress(Like Corporate and Fashion). Instead it shows the desperate act of survival which the protagonist puts up for 2.5 hours aided with packets of cigarettes, varieties of alcohol and yeah loads of glycerine! Heroine tells us about Mahi Arora(Kareena)’s journey from a superstar who is on a decline to the untimely death of her film career. Plenty of character actors come on the screen and go out after having produced a gem of performance,read Ranvir Shorey, Shahana Goswami, Divya Dutta, Govind Namdeo. Along with them it also has some regular i-am-still-learning-to-act kind of “actors” like Arjun Rampal and Randeep Hooda.One thing which I really liked about the movie is that its made without any inhibitions. Be it showing how awards are traded, how movie offers are won, actors dominating Bollywood; all of these are shown with much gutso and it strikes you hard. Specially the instance where Sanjay Suri “edits” Kareena’s role after she refuses to “act” on his terms.
                                                     I would recommend Heroine only for 2 sets of people. 1.Die hard fans of Kareena. 2.People who have the habit of watching movies to just kill weekend. If you belong to the any other category then better stay at home and watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai/K3G/KANK- I guarantee that atleast one of these would be playing on TV this weekend.:)

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