Movie Review::Bhooth Returns-Patience Test

You need to give it to Ram Gopal Verma, he is easily one of the maverick movie makers our generation has seen. Specially if it belongs either to horror or underworld action genre RGV has aced it with movies like Raat, Bhooth, Satya, Company, Sarkar etc.  RGV’s latest offering Bhooth Returns is much anticipated mainly because it is a sequel to Bhooth which was both a commercial success and received critical acclaim.

Without wasting much time lets get to analyzing what works for Bhooth Returns(B.R) and what does not. BR is a different story altogether with no resemblance to its prequel. JD Chakravarthy and Manisha Koirala(Tarun and Namrata) move into the haunted house without knowing what it has in store for them. Their daughter Nimmi starts seeing the “bhooth” and slowly things start changing in their house. The biggest problem with BR is that it takes too long for the horror mood to set in. I really was waiting for lot of scenes which would make me jump out of my seat, but alas there were only few of them. Another reason why BR fails miserably is due to lack of a strong story-line. Usually horror films carry a well crafted story and suspense to bound together. This movie does not have either of them. Manisha and JD try to do justice to their roles and are moderately successful. Need to make a special mention about Sandeep Chowta’s background score which haunts you throughout the movie. RGV as a director fails to make any impact on the cinegoers.
I would strongly advice to give this movie a miss as it has nothing special in it. I think RGV should go back to the deep dark rooms and fetch out another Company or Sarkar. Enough of Phoonk, Phoonk 2 and Bhooth returns.

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