Movie Review::Student Of The Year

This was easily one of the most unplanned movie watching experiences for me. Though I was planning to watch it, but I never knew I would end up watching this one at a place where I have watched all the good-bad-ugly movies throughout my engineering life. Student of the Year (SOTY) is Karan Johar’s latest offering. He takes the responsibility of introducing 3 new comers in a movie which is completely “Johar-isc”. Yes the super rich families, houses like star hotels, glam-sham weddings in foreign countries, college which permits PDAs like combined studies, moreover it takes the same old ghisa pita teenage rom-com genre( Seen it in JJWS, KKHH, Ishq Vishk etc) and beats it dead. But surprisingly it does it well! Owe it to the fresh faces, SOTY is one of those leave-your-mind home kind of movies which you can clap/hoot/whistle throughout the 2.5 hours and then get out saying “paisa vasool hai boss”.

SOTY takes you back to the college days where friendship, jealousy, competition, flings were as popular as assignments, experiments, exams. Only difference in the St.Teresa School is that it is divided into Tata ke bachche (rich kids) and Bata ke bachche (middle class kids). Leading the Tata gang is Rohan Nanda (Varun Dhawan) and his childhood sweetheart (Aliya Bhatt). Enter Abhimanyu (Sid Malhothra) whose personality, attitude and charm takes the college by storm. And thus adds a new dimension to the prestigious Student of the Year competition. Rest of the movie talks about the equations of the students with their families and why winning this competition is more than life for them and how this gets them at crossroads questioning each others trust, faith and friendship.
Coming to performances Siddharth Malhothra shows off his toned body at the slightest opportunity and also improves his dialogue delivery as the movie progresses. But definitely there is a dearth of expressions(Another Arjun Rampal in making??). Aliya Bhatt play her glam doll part well. In a scene where she confronts both Sid and Varun, she resembles Pooja Bhatt of Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin. But the person who stands out with the coolest performance there is Varun Dhawan. He enacts each and every scene with so much ease that at one point he makes wonder whether it is his first movie at all! Specially the scene where he steps out of the house after a heated argument with his father, he is absolutley fabulous. Rishi Kapoor, what should I say. After playing the role of a baddie in Agneepath; he plays a gay dean. And bravo!!! He is simply lovable. Specially his scenes with Ronit Roy(who is equally good in his role) are sure to bring the house down. The rest of the college kids do justice to their roles. Ram Kapoor overacts but since his scenes are limited it does not cause much damage.
Final Verdict- A pleasant one time watch for the young crowd who will enjoy the movie thoroughly. Definitely not a path breaking movie but yes to kill a festive weekend with some masti and pop-corn, I would say WATCH IT!

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