Movie Review::Talaash


An Aamir Khan movie release is quite a festival not only for his fans but also for all the cinegoers. Add to the starcast two of the most diverse actresses of modern Indian cinema and a director who wants to stake claim as an ardent story teller. Talaash is undoubtedly the most anticipated movie of the year post debacle of JTHJ. Often movies like Talaash which already have been hyped up by presence of a reclusive star like Aamir make things difficult for themselves in terms of expectations, but make no mistake here is a team which is pretty much sure of what it wants to present to its audience. Of-course I leave it to the audience as to what is their taste, the captivating story of 3 individuals or the heavily debatable climax.

Inspector Surjan Shekhawat(Khan) is put on a high profile case involving the death of a superstar. Though it looks like an open and shut case accident case, there are certain findings which push Surjan to the darkest streets of Mumbai’s underbelly where deceit, lies and betrayal rule the roost.Here he bumps into a prostitute Rozy(Kareena) who not only touches upon his weakest nerve(his dead son) but also gives him pointers to solve the case. On the other hand Surjan battles with his own self taking the blame for the unbearable loss and this battle causes a major rift in his marriage with Roshni(Rani Mukherjee in a de-glam avatar). Was it really a murder? Was Surjan really responsible for his son’s death?  And moreover will Surjan  find the answers to the questions which have chained his mind? To know it all…Watch Talaash!
It is Aamir Khan in each and every frame of the movie. He just displays all the possible human emotions with so much intensity that you must agree he is undoubtedly the best actor around.Watch him in the scene where finds out the leak in his dept and also the scene where he imagines the “If Only” sequences. He is simply top notch. Rani and Kareena enact their roles with much needed gravity and charm. Specially Kareena is brilliant in sequences with Aamir. Watch out for Aamir and Kareena in the scene where they meet for the first time. Nawazuddin Siddiqui displaying the Mazhar Khan antics(remember the movie Shaan?) is equally good. The songs fit very well in the narrative. Once the movie begins the haunting tune “Muskaanein Jhooti Hain” starts and  camera flashes upon the lives of prostitutes who are donning the glam suit, the grumpy pimps setting up their business and whole dark night life of Mumbai. It transports you to the world of Talaash and you stay there for the entire 2 hours. Reema Kagti gets it bang on there!
On a whole Talaash is a very well made film. It is smart, sensitive and moreover keeps you hooked on to your seats till the end. As I said before the climax will have its share of detractors but I genuinely feel the way story has been woven is worth appreciating. Thumbs up to Talaash! Watch it!!

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