Movie Review::Kai Po Che


When I first heard that Abhishek Kapoor was planning to make a film based on Chetan Bhagat’s “3 Mistakes of My Life” I was puzzled. Reasons being 1. The novel itself had a mixed response when it was released. 2. The novel being episodic with so many plots and sub-plots. 3.Actors being able to do justice to the 3 main characters in the story. January 2013, I watch the trailer of Kai Po Che(KPC) on a Monday evening and I am totally thrilled. I mark my calendar that very moment and decide that KPC is going to be one movie to-watch-out for this season.

As I stepped out of the theatre today, I knew I was not wrong in getting excited about this movie. In short Kai Po Che is an absolutely brilliant movie. The movie  retains most parts of the novel with minimal yet effective changes. I would give Abhishek Kapoor the complete credit for these changes and making the movie more believable with a resounding impact. The way he has chosen his characters is simply amazing. Raj Kumar Yadav(“Calculative” Govind), Sushant Singh Rajput(“Impulsive” Ishaan) and Amit Sadh(“Gullible” Omi) do complete justice to their roles. I do not know how to rank their performances because each of them have scenes which make it difficult to judge who is better of the three. Amrita Puri as Ishaan’s sister Vidya is top notch. Even with limited screen space she manages to leave a mark. Rest of the supporting actors play their roles really well. Amit Trivedi ‘s music engages the story well with minimal no. of songs which run in the background. But the best performance comes from the man himself, the director Abhishek Kapoor. After Rock On!! expectations from him were huge and he delivers as expected. Each and every scene of the movie is beautifully crafted. There are some scenes which have tremendous impact and even leave you moist eyed. Scene when Govind runs to the mall only to see it destroyed by the earthquake. The scene where India wins the historic cricket test match at Kolkata post which Ishaan and Omi get back to being friends. And ofcourse the climax which I shall NOT reveal in my review!
On a whole Kai Po Che is one of the finest movies to come out of the Hindi film industry. It is already garnering praise in the festival circuits and I am sure it will win the hearts of the masses too. So take a break this weekend, book your tickets and celebrate Cricket, Friendship and Love!

2 thoughts on “Movie Review::Kai Po Che

  1. I did not like the book at all but now that you personally asked me to watch it and review itself makes me feel like watching it. Movie watching is a rip off here but I will definitely go and watch it.

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