Jolly LLB


Sigh!! Only if it was not a movie. Courtroom drama, brilliant artists and a fairly decent script. Jolly LLB would be a super hit theater play. The judicial process is beautifully mocked at in the beginning of the movie and a plot which imitated the real life court cases of Salman’s hit and run road accident is extremely appealing.
Arshad Warsi(Jolly), a small time lawyer who like any other lawyer wants to make it big leaves Meerut to pursue his dream in Delhi. Frustrated with his struggle he files a PIL to get media attention and popularity against Boman Irani, a high profile lawyer who also happens to be his idol in the same hit and run case which was closed by the court due to absense of evidence.

A few twists and turns in the movie drives Jolly’s conscious to fight for the right of the poor and not just look for attention. He throws an open challenge to Boman and the sequence of events hence forth entertain us to quite an extent.

The comic side of the movie is kept intact by its characters. Jolly’s 80 year old bodyguard, the policemen and Jolly’s brother in law play small but fairly funny roles in the movie.

Personally, Saurabh Shukla(Judge) steals the show in the later half of the movie. Excellent dialogue delivery and high class acting by Arshad and Boman leave you satisfied. The script does not disappoint us especially in the second half. However the romantic angle was a complete disaster. The movie could do without Amrita Rao and the songs.

A good watch for a casual weekend. I would rate it 2.5/5.0.


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