Main Shaayar Toh Nahi

Main aur meri tanhai, Aksar ye baatein karte hain, Tum hoti to kaisa hota, tum yeh kahti, tum woh kahti…apart from Amitabh Bachchan’s baritone voice the only thing that could do justice to this wonderful piece for poetry was Rekha’s beauty.Indian cinema has often professed love for poets and their poetry right from the early days. Infact even in the first movie Raja Harishchandra, we get to hear some wonderful lines showing us the nature of the king who ends up sacrificing everything he has.
I believe it was Pyaasa which was triggered it best. When the believed-to-be dead poet Vijay(Gurudutt) enters the gathering which is arranged to mourn his death and celebrate his poetry he mocks at his posthumous fame with a brilliant piece of poetry.”Jala Do Ise, Phoonk Daalo Yeh Duniya”. But I believe the best one is undoubtedly the “Jaane Kaise Log The”. Specially the lines ” Bichhad Gayaa Har Saathi Dekar Pal Do Pal Ka Saath..Kisko Phursat Hai Jo Thaame Deewane Ka Haath”.
Silsila and Kabhi Kabhie go hand in hand. It was an absolute pleasure to watch Bachchan Sr. praise his leading ladies with his magic words. Infact his screen name Amit became synonymous with his character of a poet. I still believe Kabhi Kabhie takes an upper hand specially because even the other leading man Shashi Kapoor mouths some amazing lines. Remember his conversation with Big B? When he speaks about how a woman spends her entire life trying to give her best to her husband and later one day when her husband discovers that she also had a past, a man in her life before him, he suddenly starts procrastinating about the truth. The lines have a different kind of poetry with count a many metaphors.
We do see glimpses of good poetry in movies like Bobby, Rang De Basanti(RDB) and to some extent even Fanaa which had the street smart poetry nicely coupled. A special note about RDB was the way Prasoon Joshi mixed the versus of pre-independence days and modern Hindustan to make an impact on the young hearts. The last movie which I think carried some amount of serious poetry was Zoya Akhtar’s Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara and Farhan did justice by rendering the same at crucial points in the movie with his husky voice.

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