Movie Review::Chashme Baddoor(2013)

Let me be clear about two things before I start writing this review.1. I do not believe in comparing remakes with originals if remade in a different era to suit a different audience.2. When you see David Dhawan s name on the director s label you must remember to leave your brain outside the cinema hall. I have not seen the original and by no means is this review biased.
Chashme Baddoor is a remake of Sai Paranjape s movie of the same name. It talks about three friends Omi( Sadak Chaap Shaayar), Jai(Filmy Chakkar) and Sid(Mr. Goodie Good) all vouching for the same girl Seema who falls for Sid. Add to it some interesting characters like Rishi Kapoor as Mr.Goa and Lillette Dubey as Ms.Single-ready-to-mingle, you know a madcaper is on the cards. Rest of the story is all about how the friends try to foil Sid’s relationship and later mend it. Coming to the performances Ali Zafar manages some of the scenes well where is actually required to act. Siddharth does justice to his role with some absolutely over-the-top scenes. Divyendu is the real show stealer with some absolutely superb one-liners. Whenever he says “arz kiya hai”, you know something is gotta give! Tapsee Panno is strictly OK just because she has limited scope. To be honest I dont think she can act as much as Nisha Kothari can. Rishi Kapoor is refreshing as Joseph Furtado with tattooed arms and shoulders. Lillette Dubey does an extension of her role in Kal Ho Na Ho. Music by Sajid Wajid is absolutely horrendous with no track that you can remember.Dialogues(sply one-liners) are really noteworthy even though some of them seem stale or may be present in your inbox as fwds.

If the old Chashme Baddoor was like Irish red wine then the new one is like Mexican Tequila. Watch it ONLY if you are not a cricket fan(#IPL) and have no other plans this weekend. If you have had a long week staring at excels and ppts then Chashme Baddoor is one to watch this Sunday. Dive into a pub of pop corn and watch the madness unfold. Strictly average yet watchable.



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