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This movie Raanjhnaa would be special to me for quite some reasons. And trust me it has nothing to do with Anand Rai( who’s previous outing Tanu Weds Manu was quite a stealer) or with Dhanush making his Bollywood debut or not even because at some point of time in my engineering days I had a teeny-weeny crush on Sonam Kapoor(I m still shocked how!). Frankly speaking right from the time I saw the teaser I was not that impressed with it  although many pundits claimed to have been baffled by it. Ok then, let me tell you what I felt about this movie

Raanjhnaa starts off as a romantic movie with Dhanush(Kundan) falling for Sonam Kapoor(Zoya). Then we are transported back to 70’s era(which I still feel is a major problem with the movie) where Hindu marrying a Muslim is a taboo. So even though Zoya is packed off to a different place Kundan’s love for her still remains the same and rest of the story talks about various characters who keep popping on the screen to do some heavy-duty dialogue baazi and then culminating to a even sorry climax. This is just the preview, let me look a bit deeper to explain the disaster.

I am sure we cannot call Raanjhnaa a romantic movie, neither can we call it a coming of age story nor is it a movie on youth politics. Actually its quite bizarre as what the movie is about. Add to it even the characters and their performances are damn confusing. Lets start with Dhanush. A simpleton he tries to charm you with Rajni’s mannerisms from 80’s. He almost gets it right here and there. But the major culprit is the way his character is shaped up in the movie. His character just changes in every scene. In one scene he decides to let go of Sonam and next there he is trying to win her again. The biggest showdown however is Sonam Kapoor. Here is why- In a particular scene she explains here mom that she is today’s woman who is educated, strong and knows what is right. And in the next she slits off her wrist when she had more than one way to set things right! Isn’t it too much? I mean even in the whole movie people just keep slitting their wrists(For God’s sake this is 2013!) And there are times when she totally loses her expression and dialogue delivery. And yes add to it there are major bloopers also, I ll leave that you all when you watch the movie on your television screen. Abhay Deol tries to add some life but again he disappears suddenly when the movie needs him the most. Music is some what okay barring some tracks which are really good. As I said before the story of Raanjhnaa is atrocious even though the lens-man captures Benaras quite beautifully; but again it isn good enough to save the movie. The dialogues are definitely bound to become popular , most notable being “Seb 180 Rs / kg hai…Vitamin humse or ishq unse” and “Ye ishq nahi UPSC ka exam ho gaya dus saal se clear hi nahi ho raha .”

My humblest request to my friends reading this blog would be- Save your cash or if you really want to blow up,give your taste buds a treat buy visiting your favourite eat-out rather than going through this torture for 2.5 hours. If I have to put it in a lyrical way “Be-Matlab Ki Bakwaas Hai Yeh Raanjhnaa”.



5 thoughts on “Movie Review::Raanjhnaa

  1. In all the years that i have known u dude, this is the first time i think i am disagreeing with u on a movie…. In normal stance i would have read ur blog first and decided not to watch it and just coming back from it i think this was a much better movie than the previous film he made….

    Ill tell u why i liked it…. First, many people have a problem with the cutting scenes…. well i guess small towns are still like that…. and love can be crazy…. be it the most educated class…. secondly the reason i liked it was because it was funny…. its not easy viewing but the movie keeps to the theme of someone being in love with one single person all their lifes…. and finally because dhanush was brilliant…..

    but then again its cinema…. agree to disagree…..

    though lets watch mohra, karan arjun, kank, and ghayal again…… and then talk logic…..:P

    1. I did not have a problem with Dhanush doing any crazy impulsive stuff..Infact in the context of the movie, he must! But I m stunned to see even Sonam Kapoor who talks big in the movie does it too.Performance-wise Dhanush does a fair job.
      And yeah Mohra, Ghayal, Karan Arjun were made for our childhood..watching then upteen number of times will just increase our love for them! “Mere Karan Arjun aayenge”…and we do a Hi-Fi!

  2. Oh Please….. Raanjhna was awsome!!

    So was Dhanush & his 2 buddies… entire movie was Unpredictable, Realistic & everything like story-line, dialogues, songs… everything was superb!!

    9/10 for sure… after long. Its difficult to expect such movies from bollywood these days

  3. I hate to disagree, since I liked the movie especially the closing dialogue. It was nice to see a hindi movie with such surprising story line. I agree it is not a superb movie, but it is definitely enjoyable. Dhanush did a good job, Sonam was strictly ok. Though the main stars I guess were the Dhanush’s two friends and the brilliant topography of Banaras.

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