Food-o-holics::Cafe Buzzinga


I had read a lot about it but had never been there. Today also me, Vinayak and Khushaali were as usual squabbling over why there no good place around whitefield, why is there so much traffic on Old Airport road, why our choice of having nachos, tacos and bourito at Taco Bell was better than having momo’s near CMRIT. It was Vinayak who suggested Cafe Buzzinga which was confidently dismissed by Khushaali as if she had a very bad experience there. But again that was Khushaali being herself! Then after another squabble and rant session we decided on Buzzinga and landed up there.

And we were quite surprised by it.It has an amazing ambiance which is aided by some even amazing caricature paintings.(My pic above should tell you why it is called Buzzinga) And suddenly Vinayak found a guitar which I guess just added to our Friday mood. After 2 rounds of ginger tea and some Lucky Ali songs our weekend had finally begun. Ginger tea was simply superb. Couldn taste much of the items there but I think with the kind of ambiance and set up they have here and going by how the ginger tea was, it definitely is a promising place.

I know this entry mainly looks like a hang out description rather than a review, but who cares; Cafe Buzzinga you will be visited a lot in next few months!


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