It was a lovely Saturday evening when I decided to drive down to Rajajinagar from Indiranagar to check out this much talked about restaurant, 1947. Zomato and burrp had some very good reviews about this place. 

From outside this place had quite a weird appeal. Just some minor lighting(I think since it had recently shifted here) and  a sea of cars parked around the place. The ambiance was quite superb with dim lights and light Bollywood music in the background. We started off with some Makai Shorba which was just about average. This really put doubts in my mind about this place. Next we moved on to taste some variety of Indian breads like Methi Kulcha, Missi Roti, Lassooni Naan and Stuff Kulcha. Off these I would rank Missi Roti as the best and rest of them quite good. Mom loved the Lassooni Naan as it was uniformly baked and garlic mixture on the naan gave the bread quite an appeal. Coming down to sabzi, we ordered for Sabzi Lajawaab which had assorted vegetables and paneer dipped in tomato gravy. I personally loved eating Stuff Kulcha with this sabzi. Even the Daal Methi Lassooni had a quite a different taste compared to what I had eaten in Punjaabi By NatureMagai Paan served just outside the doorstep was simply awesome. Since it is my favorite paan I loved it to the core.

I would definitely like to mention the service provided by the management was excellent. They gave me a reminder about my table booking about 5 minutes before and then made sure that food was served well within 10 minutes(compared some other hyped restaurants in Blore this is really good). I would definitely like to recommend this place if you are looking out for a long drive around the city and then give your taste buds a real treat.


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