Movie Review:: D-Day


This one of the most impromptu movie watching sessions I have had till date. Blame it on the week that went by or just my irritation in spending a Friday Night at home. Coming to the movie, Nikhil Advani’s latest offering(after a string of flops like CC2C, Salaam E Ishq, Patiala House and Delhi Safari post Kal Ho Na Ho) tries capture the blend of reality and fiction. It speaks about India’s most wanted man and India’s efforts in getting him back. It also brings us close to the lives of those unknown soldiers who fight for the nation but get absolutely no recognition or fame. Well, lets see in detail what the movie is about.

D-Day starts off with glimpses of various terrorist attacks on India post 93 Bombay blasts and subsequent fleeing of the D-Company from Mumbai to Dubai and eventually placing its foothold and finding haven in Karachi.Meanwhile the RAW agency chief Ashwani Rao(Nasser) has his special agents planted in Pakistan who give out the signal(after 9 years of patience) that the Goldman or Iqbal Seth or “Bhai” is planning to attend his son’s wedding at a hotel in Karachi.Thus the team starts off its planning in capturing the Don alive and getting him back to India. This team consists of Irrfan(a sentimental soldier), Arjun Rampal(the heartless mercenary), Aakash Dahiya(small time crook) and Huma Qureshi(beauty with brains). Everything is perfect in their plan until the final phase of execution when they realize that something has horribly gone wrong. Thats where the movie starts-off and later just runs high on steam. Will they succeed in getting The Man back? Or does an unfortunate event leave them battered for life?

Kudos to director Nikhil Advani for coming up with a brave and bold script like this one. Its entirely a director’s movie. Every scene is directed with utmost care and sensibility. Moving to the performances: Rishi Kapoor as Goldman is simply superb. His mannerisms, dialogues are outstanding. Watch out for this monologue in the end where he screams, “Hindustan meri maa hain aur Mumbai meri maashooka”. Next in line is Irrfan who gets into the skin of the character and delivers a knockout performance. Scenes with his son and wife simply touch your heart. Arjun Rampal is average except for some scenes where he manages to get his act right. Specially the song Alvida where he lets his eyes do the talking. Also the song is brilliantly shot. Huma Qureshi and Aakash do not get much scope and dialogues so they do a “okie-dokie” job. Nasser and Shruti Haasan do justice to their screen presence.Special mention needs to be made of the dialogues present in the movie. They absolutely play to the gallery and are sure to become popular. For me it was story+direction+Rishi and Irrfan who carry the movie all through.

If you like one of those movies on reality bytes with a tinge of fiction then D-Day is definitely for you. For enthusiasts who loved movies like Satya, Company and Shootout at Lokhandwaala, this movie will surely appeal. I would recommend this movie as watchable mainly because such a concept has been tried for the first time on India screen.



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