Movie Review::The Conjuring


It was quite a long time since I watched a Hollywood horror movie in a theatre. When I saw the promo of The Conjuring, I was not sure whether the movie would live upto the expectations of Insidious. Thus it was (once again) an impromptu plan to watch a movie on Friday evening.  

The Conjuring is based on a real life incident of two of the most popular paranormal researchers Ed and Lorrie Warren.  Soon after a family moves into a new house the members start experiencing weird and eerie things in the house. All hell breaks lose one evening and they decide to approach Ed and Lorrie for help. Plot sounds familiar? Oh yes it does like one of the numerous horror movies made in the past. But the similarities end here. From here on starts a journey which is scary, unexpected and more over, conjuring! 

The movie stands out thanks to excellent camera work and cinematography. The jump-out-of-seat scenes are handled deftly. Performances from the entire cast is good as expected in a movie like this where its the story, camera work, sound effects and moreover the climax which play an important role. If at all you are an ardent fan of horror movies then you would not want to miss this one. On the other side, the movies starts to get a bit dull post interval but soon picks up feverishly and ends on a high.

Thumbs up from my side to this movie. If you are looking forward to a dull weekend unlike me, then this movie can spice it up for you!


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