Movie Review::Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara


Right from the time I watched Satya, I have been a huge fan of the movies based on the underworld and mafia. Infact recently after I read Hussain Zaidi’s Dongri to Dubai, I have become an avid follower of Mumbai mafia stories. This is exactly why I decided to give Chennai Express a miss and watch Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara(OUATIM-2). The first part (OUATIM) will be particularly remembered for Ajay Devgan’s near-to-perfect portrayal of Haji Mastan(with white dress and shoes) and Emraan Hashmi’s act as the ruthless Dawood Ibrahim. Lets see what its sequel has in store for us.

OUATIM-2 takes us few years ahead from where the previous movie left us. Shoaib( Akshay Kumar takes over from Emraan) is now the undisputed king of the crime syndicate and apart from women he takes a liking towards cricket also. Then there is Aslam(Imraan Khan), the perfect tapori from the slums of Mumbai who believes Shoaib is his undisputed master. Enter the starlet Jasmine(Sonakshi) with a smile to die for;  who suddenly becomes the love of his life for Aslam and a object of obsession to Shoaib. But what does Jasmine want? In the murky world of guns and bullets will her wish be of any value?
Akshay Kumar is splendid in the role of a arrogant, I-want-it-all gangster. In his second outing as a villain(after Ajnabee) he plays to the gallery with his stupendous one liners. Imraan Khan does his bit to convince you that he can pull off a role like this. I would say his performance is average to good because in some scenes he actually matches  Akki with his flair. Sonakshi once again plays to the character with absolute ease. I was quite impressed with her act. I believe like all other Milan Luthria(director) s movie, this movie heavily depends on the dialogues. Rajat Arrora is once again in form with the perfect style-baazi dialogues. Music is disappointing from Pritam with no hit number.

I would say the movie is a strict one time watch only for Akshay Kumar and his dialogues otherwise its a beaten to death (sad, boring, torturous..)love story with similar situations arising every now and then in almost every second Bollywood triangle love story. So if you really are having a 50-50 thought about the movie, give it a definite miss. Definitely avoidable! Now Ekta Kapoor, Please! No more sequels to OUATIM!


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