Movie Review::Shuddh Desi Romance



There are movies which are try ape other successful movies,  movies which try to be real and path breaking and then there are movies which are out-rightly honest. Shuddh Desi Romance(SDH) falls in the third category. Before I write any further let me warn you that if you are a believer/follower of society norms and rules or a preacher of moral values, this movie is NOT for you. You would definitely not be able to relate to story or the characters. In-short do not take your Mummy and Pappa to this movie!

SDH directed by Maneesh Sharma(Band Baaja Baaraat and Ladies vs Ricky Behl) and produced by Adi Chopra talks about an issue is surely the most discussed one amongst the youngsters, commitment and marriage. Meet our characters Raghu(charming Sushant Singh Rajput) and Gayatri( girl to die for- Parineeti Chopra) for whom running away from a marriage, discussing ex-boy friends and even living-in( in a place like Jaipur) is as easy as making “chai” every morning. But that is how they are; straightforward, honest and more over “I do what I want” types. I would not be wrong if I would say thats where our generation is slowly heading to. Add to these a third character Tara( confident debutante Vaani Kapoor) who is one step ahead of our first two protagonists as she tells Raghu he can kiss her if he wants in their first date even after he has broken her heart once. Honestly speaking I found her character bit confusing but nevertheless thats how her character is written. What happens when their lives cross each other. Will their relationship”s” which will be tested on trust and belief stand strong?  Will they come to terms with the harsh reality of life?

SDH starts off with a bang. First half is simply superb, thanks to perky dialogues and wacky characters. Second half is when the movie starts losing its plot and the end totally tests your patience. Could have been shortened atleast by 20 minutes. Performance-wise, its Sushant Singh and Parineeti Chopra who walk away with best lines and scenes in the movie. All their scenes seem fresh, their chemistry is simply amazing.I believe thats what makes the movie work(when it does). Rishi Kapoor as Wedding planner Goyal is top notch. I believe post Agneepath has been getting roles which are diverse, well written and he has been doing justice to them. Even here he just surprises with his comic timing and his rajasthani accent. Vaani Kapoor gets limited scope in the movie. She appears confident but in some places her expressions are absolutely dead. Music is average with some peppy numbers like Tere Mere Beech Mein and Gulabi. Maneesh Sharma as a director gives his heart and soul to the movie. Right from capturing the flavour of Rajasthan to introducing twists in the proceedings, he does a fair job.

Shuddh Desi Romance is a strict one-time watch movie mainly due to its weak second half. The youngsters will love the movie and might bring in some repeat value. Watch the movie only if you have lazy weekend to kill!



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