Movie Review::Dedh Ishqiya


Guess this is the season of sequels. The previous year ended with third edition of Dhoom and we kick off this year with second edition of Ishqiya. Personally speaking I was not too impressed by Ishqiya. I found it interesting in bits and parts. What impressed me the way it was shot and most importantly the extremely lovable characters, Babban and Khalu. Add to these characters, one diva who s ruled the roost in her days and the other one is slowly inching towards becoming an ace character actor. Dedh Ishqiya, directed by Abhishek Chaubey(like its first part) has something different to offer and yes it does get interesting in every scene of the movie.

Dedh Ishqiya starts afresh with Babban(Arshad Warsi) sans Khalu(Naseeruddin Shah) in the pit facing their nemesis Mushtaq Bhai(Salman Shahid in a kickass role) pleading for his life. Finally he escapes and then starts a game between Babban, Khalu, Begum Para(Madhuri Dixit-Nene) and Muniya(Huma Qureshi) where you can trust none, believe none and most importantly blame no-one for the happenings. Begum sets out to find a soulmate who would be next Nawab and its contenders include Khalu and Jaan Mohammad Khan(Vijay Raaz). Both try to woo her with their poetry, shooting skils and most importantly with their heart. Meanwhile the mysterious confidante of Begum, Muniya is plotting something no one is aware of. Will Khalu succeed in his saccha ishq? Will Babban get his share of “maal”? Rest of the story with its twists and turns is sure to hit you like a ton of bricks.

Dedh Ishqiya boasts of some absolute superb performances. Naseer saab as Khalu is magnificent. Watch him recite his poetry or just dream about his lady love, he is simple amazing. Madhuri Dixit-Nene with her portrayal of Begum steals hearts every time she smiles or every time she is just on screen. Her acting especially in the second half is sure to win her accolades. Arshad Warsi is my favourite performer in this movie. I believe he gets the maximum screen space in the movie and he does complete justice to it. Specially in the opening scene of the movie, he brings the house down with his dialogues. Also his scenes with Huma are quite hilarious. Huma Qureshi does GoW-ish kind of role but still manages to pull it off with the same elan as she did then. But the surprise package here would be Vijay Raaz as the obsessive MLA who yearns for Begum. Crowd roars every-time he is on the screen. Watch out for him in the scene where he inquires about his DNA. The story isn that great but the awesome dialogues fill it up. Vishal Bharadwaj is in full form as he juggles between sophisticated Urdu and rustic Hindi at the same time. Some scenes which remain in the mind even when you move out of the theatre are, the first encounter between Vijay Raaz and Khalu-Babban, Huma and Arshad’s conversation on the roof and most importantly the climax.

All in all, Dedh Ishqiya is a must watch if you like those absolute mirch masala movies which have an element of music, action, suspense, romance with a tinge of reality. For me its a winner all the way, especially for its mind blowing performances.






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