Movie Review::Gunday


Undoubtedly this has to be one of the big releases this year. To be honest, even I was amazed at the hype this movie got right from the time the promos were aired. So without wasting much time lets get into seeing what works for the movie and what does not.

Gunday talks about the Kolkata of 70s and 80s, post liberation of  Bangladesh when two refugee kids Bikram(Ranveer Singh) and Bala(Arjun Kapoor) escape to the City of Joy after killing an army officer. Very soon they transform from local petty coal thieves to kingpins of the black market. Enter Nandita(Priyanka Chopra) the sizzling cabaret dancer who takes Bikram and Bala’s world by storm as both of them are smitten by her. And most importantly the slam-bam cop Satyajit Sarkar(Irrfan) who is given the ultimate task of bringing down the BB empire. What happens next? Will one’s heartbreak lead to Bikram and Bala’s destruction? Will Satyajit succeed in his motive? Gunday has all of this packaged in a mammoth time of 2:34 hrs with loads of dialogue-baazi, fight sequences, bomb blasts and some dhin-chak dance numbers.

Honestly speaking Gunday clearly falls short of expectations. Writing is extremely predictable at each and every step. Most of the scenes and situations are straight out of movies that you may seen from your childhood days. There was so much that Ali Abbas Zaffar, the director could have done with this movie. Instead he puts in so much masala that at the end what you have on screen is just the masala without any meat. Even the twists and turns are way too cliched. Screenplay could have been tighter at places but the second half totally goes haywire in places. The songs Jashn E Ishqa and Tune Maari Entryaan are hummable.

What works for Gunday are the performances which are straight from heart. Ranveer Singh stands out with yet another superb performance. Post Lootera he has really transformed himself as he gets into the skin of character. For Arjun it is a slight extension of his character in Ishaqzaade. Although he does complete justice to the character but his acting goes completely flat in emotional sequences. Priyanka Chopra is simply ravishing as the diva anyone can die for. Apart from looking super sexy she has some powerful scenes where she tells you why she is one of the top female actors of our time. But the best performance comes from Irrfan(as expected) who is acidic in every dialogue and demeanor of his. Ditto to him!

Overall I would say Gunday lets us down in a big big way. What was supposed to be a serious periodic drama turns out to be a comic spoof with two heroes running throughout the movie with waxed chests behind every possible train they find. I would suggest to give this movie a miss without a thought!



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