Movie Review::Dil Dhadakne Do


One of the most well directed scenes in the movie is when Ranveer blurts out,”Yahaan toh sab upar upar ki baat hi karte hai. Andar ki baat toh koi karta hi nahi”. And this is exactly what the Akhtars try to do with Dil Dhadakne Do. Welcome! Welcome to the year’s biggest cruise party/Bollywood movie directed by Zoya Akhtar. Its a late night show in one of the city’s oldest single screens  and here I am brimming with expectations from this movie. Lets get a quick gist whats in store!

Kamal Mehra(Anil Kapoor) is (supposedly) a self made business tycoon who keeps reminding everyone of his struggles to success. His wife Neelam(Shefali Shah) is a quick wit who has stood beside her husband through thick and thin but now has transformed into a typical loud rich woman of the Delhi kitty party circle. Their kids Kabir(Ranveer)-who is a failing businessman with “flying”aspirations and Ayesha(Priyanka) who is a successful entrepreneur but not so successful wife to Manav(Rahul Bose). Stage is set for a cruise party to celebrate Kamal and Neelam’s 30th Wedding Anniversary with all their near, dear and wanted ones! How the dysfunctional family overcomes each of the members’ fears & failures and realizes that the “log kya kahenge” philosophy can keep you happy superficially is the rest of the story. Other two leading stars Anushka and Farhan with their limited screen space play love interests of the Mehra siblings.
As said in my first line, Zoya tries to touch upon multiple topics like parents forcing their dreams on children, marital insecurity, forced physical relations and self actualization but only at very high level. She does not dig deep into one of them and this reduces the movie’s impact and to some extent its maturity.Yes! At times the movie is actually silly and pointless. But thanks to some superbly directed scenes, quirky dialogues and some very very sincere performances I would say movie remains afloat.
Ranveer is in top notch. He plays himself splendidly into the role of a spoilt brat and carries the climax on his shoulders. He has the maximum screenspace. Priyanka is in good form again but some of her scenes seem straight out of her previous movies like Fashion, Anjaana Anjaani which gets on your nerves sometimes. Nevertheless she puts in an honest effort. But what wrong with her nose? Anil Kapoor tells us why he is still the king of 90’s melodrama. His performance takes you back when a simple “baitho” dialogue carried million expressions. Shefali Shah is strictly OK in her role. Anushka and Farhan are far from brilliant in their respective roles but  add a whiff of fresh air whenever they are on screen.
To be honest I would rate the movie to be strictly average due to 3 main reasons; lack of a tight script, its lengthy running time and very average music!

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