Movie Review::Tamasha


Every director has his own forte which is pretty much visible in most of his movies. Imtiaz Ali is no different. He can take the most simple story and put it across on the celluloid in a way you could have never thought about. Tamasha comes out to be a perfect example of his style of film-making. But the question remains, will the movie be able to strike a cord with the audience? Will the most awaited pairing of Ranbir and Deepika work for Tamasha?

Tamasha hinges itself on a simple storyline. What happens when you meet the person whom you have fallen for after many years only to realize the person has drastically changed? Will you be able to love the person again? Tamasha starts off in Corsica where two individuals(Ranbir and Deepika) bump into each and spend their vacation without revealing their true identities and by the end of which the girl has fallen for the fun-loving, free spirited guy. They meet each other again as Ved and Tara only to realize both of them love each other but now things are a little complicated. Times have changed but so has one of them. Why did the person change? Is she/he the same person who was in Corsica? Or was it an act or in Imtiaz Ali’s language a “Tamasha”?
Tamasha is a very likeable movie but only in parts. There are moments which make the audience clap, whistle, even think and make you realize why Ranbir and Deepika are two of the finest actors of these times. But there are other parts of the film which quite simply seem very arbit and bring out the best of your yawns. Sadly for Tamasha these are little more than the good ones.
Despite top notch performances by Ranbir and Deepika(who are in EVERY frame) I believe the movie belongs to Imtiaz Ali. Be it the story which cuts between present and past and some very well executed scenes between the lead actors, movie come across as Imtiaz’s brainchild. Some sub plots do seem like past Imtiaz Ali’s movies. The problem is however none of these actually are consistent and have an impact.
Coming to performances, this looks like a perfect stage for Ranbir and Deepika to show their acting prowess. Their sizzling chemistry adds to it. One particular scene which really made me hold back my tears is the conversation where Deepika asks Ranbir to forgive her for being judgmental. Though both convey two very different emotions at the same time, you are simply amazed. Specially the transformations that Ranbir’s character undergoes deserves a mention. Looks like character of Ved was tailor made for him. For Deepika I believe it has become a routine of getting into the skin of the character. As love struck Tara; she is bubbly, effervescent and also conveys her emotional turmoil with the same ease.
Music by the maestro A.R Rahman himself is superb and plays very well in the narrative.
On a whole Tamasha is a strictly average movie which would be liked only by the select audience. Despite some fine performances and music; execution of the desired story line did not impress me. But but but, if you are a fan of Ranbir-Deepika pairing(which most of the cine-goers actually are) this movie could well work for you!

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