Scenes from the Indian Parliament- This was what we pay for?


In the last couple of weeks I was (un)fortunate to be able to watch(in patches) the proceedings of the Parliament. It was an occasional switch when the movie I was watching ran into those Naaptol advertisements which trust me are ANNOYING!

I would like to bring out some instances which left me amazed at the unruliness in the temple of democracy:
-Some opposition MP raised a point on Law and Order in the country to which the government replied saying that Law and Order was a state subject and the  state government is expected to deal with it. According me the discussion should proceed with re-butts to government’s statement but instead what did I see,some members from Opp rushed to the well of the house and started protesting against the PM being absent in the house! They simply did not seem to care PM was on an official visit to a Conference in Paris. They were shouting slogans like PM is on a holiday again! Are you kidding me?

– Now this has to be one of the best displays of “bad-interpretation”. When the Home Minister remarked that Dr. BR Ambedkar despite facing several hardships in India due to his caste, loved the country and came back after his studies (in abroad) to work tirelessly on the Indian Constitution. I dont know what happened but the Leader of Opposition just snapped and how bad was it? He started shouting that Dr.Ambdedkar was “Moola-Bharatiya”(I still dont know what the hell is that!) and government side had Aryans who were the outsiders! I almost fainted! The quality of interpretation and understanding of this person is equal to the intelligence of the writers who write scripts for Sajid Khan movies! Seriously!!
– Next moving to one of the classic cases of forced aggression. Respected MP from Amethi(also the VP of Congress Party) got a chance to speak in the Lok Sabha. To be honest, he was reading out the 13 points(I think written by the person sitting beside him i.e Jr. Scindia) with some rhetoric. He was so incoherent in his speech that it took Arnab Goswami 15 mins on Newshour to finally establish what the “young” leader wanted to say and yet Arnab failed to nail the spokesperson with those points. I cant believe that a 5 minute blabber filled with fake anger and no matter was used to build up a ONE hour debate show that evening! Salute our Media!
– I almost died laughing over this one. When the whole National Herald court statement came out; the Opp MPs lost it the same way some people lost it after the Aamir Khan remark; only difference was no one called the judge a Modi-Bhakt(though I was ready to bet that Mr.Aiyar might actually say that to a P.TV reporter) But the scenes in the Lok Sabha were amazing. Like a ringmaster Madam G was gesturing her party members to run to the well of the house and disrupt the proceedings! I saw it with my own eyes! Further when the speaker asked the Opposition leader what had happened, he looked at Madam and she once again gestured asking him to “keep quiet”. You remember those days as a kid when at a guest’s house you whispered in your mom’s ear you were hungry and your mom gave you “that” look. This was the same look!
This is why these MPs are flown to Delhi from their respective constituencies and kept in lavish guest houses? I did try to find out what is the cost of running the Parliament i.e how much are we the tax payers being looted for this mess. It is a massive 2.5 L per minute! That too these are 2012 figures!(source)
Finally I realized that the scenes in both the houses were more annoying than the naaptol ads. I went back to Youtube to watch Sachin blast McGrath in the ICC Knockout Trophy Match in Nairobi(absolute bliss it was!).

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