Movie Review::Bajirao Mastani

December has turned out to be a defining month for Bollywood over the years. Be it Gajini, TZP, PK, Dabang 2 and Dhoom3, all of them set the Box Office on fire. But this time I am not really looking whether which of the two biggies namely Dilwale or Bajirao Mastani would turn out to be a big hit. I am solely looking at the quality aspect of both of these. 100 Cr and 200 Cr will be just numbers but which of these would be able to leave a mark in the cinematic history? Both of them; may be?
Since I happen to watch Bajirao Mastani(BM) first, here is my take on the movie.
Give Sanjay Leela Bansali a wide canvas, 2-3 hardworking and talented artists, a slightly intriguing plot and just sit back look at the painting he delivers. Its been his style of film-making from Hum Dil Chuke Sanam days and it hasn’t changed a bit. Be it the grand sets, poetic dialogues, aesthetic love making scenes and fire power that protagonists have in his movies; all of them, trust me all of them leave you stunned and in thought after the movie.
Bajirao Mastani has a simple plot: Bajirao(Ranveer), the invincible Peshwa is married to Kashibai(PC) and is hungry to hoist the Maratha flag in Delhi. In one his battles he comes across Mastani(Deepika) the Bundelkhand warrior princess who falls for him and in fact follows him all the way to his fortress professing her love for him. Bajirao too reciprocates only to face the ire of his community, his family and ofcourse his wife. Will Bajirao and Mastani ever unite? Will the Maratha Campaign continue? And the most important question- Does the movie have a spark to set screen ablaze?
Answer is Yes, Yes and YES! Bajirao Mastani has everything going for it. The story, the execution and most notably the performances.
Ranveer is stupendous as the Brahmin Maratha Chieftain. He roars like a lion when he is asserting himself and has that intensity of a lover boy when he has to show his love. Notice the Marathi accent he carries while speaking Hindi!
Deepika’s eyes do all the talking. She plays her part really well but somehow I expected more from her character when you have a title role.
But for me the scene stealer is Priyanka Chopra. As Kashibai she is absolutely mindblowing. What makes her act superlative is that it has variety of emotions to be portrayed which she does effortlessly. From showing her joy on her husband’s return to facing the other woman in her man’s life; she is superb. Infact out of my 4 favourite scenes in the movie, she features in 2 of them and in both she is the winner. Specially the scene where she comes face to face with Deepika offering her vermillion reminds us of Jaya-Rekha scene in Silsila.
Other character actors like Tanvi Azmi and Yatin Karekar shine in their parts.
Music seems repetitive, much like the tracks in Ram Leela. Bansali, is walking on thin rope here. Apart from this, Bansali is fantastic in all departments like direction, story and screenplay. Undoubtably one of his best works till date.
On the flip side, the climax could have been mellowed down a bit, but again its solely my thought.
My take- If you like history, music, art; watch Bajirao Mastani. If you don’t then still WATCH Bajirao Mastani as we rarely see such cinematic excellence in Bollywood.

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