5 Worst Bollywood Films of 2015

More than being bad movies these movies were major disappointments for an avid Bollywood movie goer like me.

Below are worst 5 Bollywood movies of 2015



One bad narrative is acceptable but to show two bad parallel narratives, you should be very special and so was Vikramjit Singh, the movie’s director. This movie about a director facing a creative block, his muse and a random art thief was the worst movie of 2015. For most part of the movie I simply did not understand what the hell was happening in the movie! Cannot believe someone like Ranbir Kapoor actually signed up for something like this while Arjun Rampal and Jaqueline were so bad that a bad script like Roy looked better when compared to their acting.

2.Bombay Velvet


Some movies do not turn out the way they were originally meant to be. Bombay Velvet is definitely one of them. Set in 1960’s it tells us the journey of a street fighter Balraj(Ranbir) from the pit fights to lavish social circles of Bombay. My basic issue with the movie was the incoherent script as there were many parts in the movie which simply did not make sense and the movie kept dragging throught. Too much art than needed Mr.Anurag Kashyap!  Thanks to an appalling homophobic climax scene, even the performances of Ranbir and Anushka could not save it from falling flat.





I might face some flak for putting Dilwale in the list but to be honest I am more angry than disappointed with Dilwale. When you have a dream starcast of SRK-Kajol why cant you have a bloody tight script and crisp implementation of the same.It was Rohit Shetty behind the camera not some debutante and still we could see how lazily the movie was shot. Just 15 minutes into the movie; I had already completed 11 yawns. For someone who gave us movies like Singham and Golmaal Series this was the last thing we expected. Mr.Shetty, I hope you got the point!

4. Katti Batti


My only question to Nikhil Advani is WHY! Why did you have to make this film and promote it as if you had made another Kal Ho Na Ho. This film is a perfect example of what happens when you try to get a easy way out with beaten to death romantic comedy/drama genre. Imran was as usual forgettable playing a loser(again) and Kangana was on screen only  to screech silly dialogues or cry. The trailer did generate some curiosity but the movie only delivered a splitting headache!

5.Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo


Like Dilwale, I am angry with makers of this movie too. If Sooraj Bharjatya did not have a good script he could have waited for more years! Why bring back our beloved Prem in such a shabby film which is outright silly and idiotic. I think the film makers would have thought since we have 2 Salman’s in the movie lets forget the story and logic, Bhai himself will manage. To the movie’s bad luck there was Sonam Kapoor who made things worse. You really feel like killing yourself during the movie when a royal coronation turns into a awful football match and further torture is inflicted with actors like Neil Nitin Mukesh and Armaan Jaani-Dushman Kohli showing their acting prowess.What a shame!



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