Best Performances of 2015

I wanted to make it 5 best performances but somehow couldn’t resist adding a 6th one which undoubtedly deserved to be in this list!

So lets see which were the Best 6 performances of 2015!


1. Nawazuddin in Maanjhi and Badlapur:

Neither those drop dead looks nor the charisma, which are both considered a must for any Bollywood actor belong to him. But his acting makes up for everything that he does not have. Two riveting performances, both diverse; infact if one was a protagonist another was the opposite and both his acts stand out. If I have to recall one scene of Nawaz which will remain with me for a long time; it would be the Bangkok scene from Badlapur. No one, I repeat no one would be able to pull off something like that!

2. Irrfan in Talvar:


We have seen him in serious real-life roles before but this one was different. He had to carry the film on his shoulders as he was present in most of its frames and he did so in his own style. Your heart goes out for his portrayal of CBI Officer Arun Kumar investigating the Talvar case.

3. Priyanka in Bajirao Mastani:


Pankaj Kapoor showed us through Maqbool that you can have 15 minutes of screen space and yet deliver a national award winning performance. Priyanka does the same with her character of Kashibai in a movie where the title role is not her’s.You cant help but feel her pain when she explains to Bajirao(her husband who is in love with another woman) about how Lord Krishna’s name is always taken along with his lover Radha and not with his wife. Kudos PC!

4. Deepika & Amitabh in Piku:


I have put in two performances as I believe one of them would have been incomplete without the other one. Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone as father-daughter duo were simply endearing. Piku is an emotional journey of a short tempered Piku and her grumpy ageing father Bhashkor delivering humor from the most unlikeliest of places. Both Big B and Deepika reserve their best for the climax where even a death scene is crafted so beautifully that you cannot help but cheer for them

5. Ranbir and Deepika in Tamasha:


This can be labelled as the most divisive movie of 2015. It divided everyone; be it the critics or the audience. You either loved the movie or hated it. There were very few who chose the middle path. But what was common among them was their praise for Ranbir and Deepika’s performances. As Ved and Tara they transport you to their world of indulgence and inconsistencies where they strive to live happily opposing the social conventions. The scene where Deepika apologizes to Ranbir for being ruthless in her rejection is an example of sheer brilliance.

6. Vicky Kaushal in Masaan:


This was the performance I was talking about at the beginning. As a corpse burner in Harishchandra Ghat also studying civil engineering, Vicky brings a gauche charm to his character of Deepak. Be it his lover boy act reciting poems to his girl friend Shaalu or him depicting state of helplessness post her death shakes you up. Specially the scene where is cries out “Yeh dard khatam kaahe nahin hota re” ensures that your tears roll down in no time.


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