7 Khoon Maaf:Fine but not good enough

Saath Khoon Maaf directed by one of India’s most prolific filmmaker Vishal Bharadwaj is an exciting watch with its share of glitches.It’s a dark movie which most of our Indian viewers would not enjoy watching but it nevertheless it is a compelling watch for three-quarters its length. But what goes against this movie is its style of story telling which could have been better and more interesting along with the half sketched roles of certain characters.

7 khoon maaf tells us the story of Sussaane Anna Marie Johannes(Priyanka Chopra) and her incessant search for love which ends up, her walking the aisle 7 seven times(the seventh time for a different reason). And in the course she ends up murdering all seven of her husbands for various circumstantial reasons. So you are acquainted with a one legged over-possesive husband(Neil Nitin Mukesh), a drugged rockstar(John Abraham), a sexually overdriven poet(Irrfan Khan), a Russian spy whose already married(Alexander Dyachenko),an ageing lustful police officer(Annu Kapoor) and a pharmacist(Naseeruddin Shah). And not to forget the narrator of this tale Arun(Vivaan Shah).

Now when you are upto telling a story which is episodic in nature your prime focus should be to make the narrative as gripping and unpredictable as possible. But sadly Vishal on the other hand opts for a linear narrative which makes the movie firstly predictible and secondly repetative as you know the same killings are going to place again and again the difference just being the reason and the weapon. Thirdly its really undigesting as a viewer for me to believe a woman getting a clean chit murdering one husband after the other. Also the characters are not sketched well enough. I agree with so many characters, its difficult to have a full-fledged deep insight of the character but some considerable effort should have been done for a better.For example, Naseer Saab’s role  is something that is dispensible and just adds to the length of the movie.

7 Khoon Maaf overall despite its glitches is an average watch because of its leading protagonist brilliantly portrayed by Priyanka Chopra. She is incredible as Sussana and gives her carrer best performance(even a level above fashion). Among the husbands Annu Kapoor does a terrific job as the lusty police officer Keematlal. Neil Nitin Mukesh is first rate. Irrfan Khan gets less screen space yet he leaves a great impression. Alexander is strictly ok as the Russian husband. Naseeruddin Shah is wasted. John Abraham gets no scope whatesoever as the drugged rockstar except for his red skirt and his pathetic wig which adds to the bizzreness of his character. God knows what on earth was he thinking while accepting this role.A special mention about Vivaan Shah who does a good job as Arun. A talent to watch out for!

On the whole 7 Khoon Maaf is strictly an average watch which fails to impress.It’s one of Vishal Bharadwaj’s weakest works after classics like Maqbool and Omkara. Watch it only for its saving grace, Priyanka Chopra who yet again proves that our Indian heroines can give any hero a run for their money.

Rating: **1/2 (2 and a half on 5)


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