Deshdrohi: Once in a Lifetime experience

As I had earlier told you guys that I ll also be reviewing timeless classics along with the new releases, here comes my first entry in the classics category. This movie is a classic in its own rite. It’s bizzare upto the level of being a thorough entertainer. A movie which you just cannot afford to miss. So here’s what I ve to say about it.

Everyone at least once in their lifetime aspire to see themselves on the silver screen but harsh reality hits back at us everytime that we don’t have what is called as the ‘star look’. But here’s a movie that tares apart all these myths.It just shows what is really required is not looks but a bigbank balance so that you can produce and act in your movie without any restriction. After watching this movie I am sure your dreams of becoming the actor will be reborn again.

“Deshdrohi” breaks all the conventional paths of film making and delivers to you what is known as an ultimate masterpiece of Indian Cinema. So is Deshdrohi really good?
Guys don’t mistake my words. The movie is bizarre and mind you has so many potholes that you honestly forget your count, counting them. But still these potholes lead to the foundation of what we call the masterpiece entertainer. You just jump off your seats and burst into laughter though it made with an intension of making a serious movie. The only difference between a comedy movie and “Deshdrohi” is that you don’t laugh with the movie but laugh at the movie.

The movie takes off with our super cool dude (sarcastic) gaaon ka ladka Raja (epic performance by KRK) coming to Mumbai to become a police officer (Ha Ha the biggest joke in the movie). He gets victimized to the so called “Marathi and UP Bihari” war and realizes that the northies actually do have a tough life living in Mumbai. He meets Sonia (Gracy Singh) an Indian version of Charlie’s Angel who comes always at the right time reaches to help the victimized people who suffer at the hands at the local Gunda’s. Raja accidentally kills a person in a bash with the villains and ends up being a Deshdrohi.

KRK(Kamaal Rashid Khan) delivers an excellent performance as Raja. I am sure once a person watches his performance no doubt you turn up being his fan. His dialogue delivery is so good that you don’t feel he is delivering a dialogue. His dance steps beat those of Hrithik’s and mind you Hrithik will be on his way to take some coaching from our very own KRK. A whole blog can be written on KRK’s mannerisms but I am resisting my self to only this much.

Gracy Singh shows it to the world how desperate she is for work. I mean is she the one who acted in great movies like Lagaan and Munnabhai MBBS? I sincerely plead the producers to give her some work so that we don’t see such waste of talent. The supporting cast Manoj Tiwari, Aman Verma, Kader Khan, Ranjit have proved that there is no other director signing them.

The dialogues and the songs are the next things which are truly memorable. The dialogues like “Jitni nafrat humare liye tumhare dil mein hai” and “Jab Soniya marti hai tho aadmi ut jaatha hai” are the highlight of the movie. The songs “Tera Vaada Raha” a spoof of Guzarish and “Tu Jaan se Pyaara” just leave you spell bound (Ha Ha).

On whole never mind you are a bollywood fan or not please do watch “Deshdrohi” because I bet you, it’s going to be the most memorable film of your life.

Rating: **** (A must watch)

Note: The rating is as sarcastic as the review but the movie surely is a must watch.


3 thoughts on “Deshdrohi: Once in a Lifetime experience

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