Me : oh dear god, I wish I could get back to being a kid once again

God : what happened?

Me: nothing much , just missing my childhood days and that fun  .

God : Then I think u must go to Disneyland !!

Me: what!?? Damn I shud hav wished for it when I was a kid!!

Disneyland is every child’s dream  and why not? Its so famous and hyped up. I was apprehensive about it at first, Disneyland  when I am 20? When I am not a kid myself (and neither do I hav any). Well nevertheless we went to Disneyland in Paris during our trip to Europe. I was a lil prejudiced against the place since I wanted to go shopping instead, in the fashion capital. But my parents were insisting on Disneyland( I wondered why) ,so we set out for it. At first, I felt I was back in India! There was a huge traffic jam leading to the entrance! We went inside the place and boom it was like another world ! I saw all these fashionable women (u wouldn’t imagine in ur dreams that they are mums of 2 -3 hopelessly cute kids) with prams and lil older kids happily sitting on their dad’s shoulder. It really reminded me of our Indian “melas”, except for the fashion, technology and the entrance fee.

More than an amusement park, or a picnic spot it seemed like a festival. A place where a family could go and dive into the festive spirit of the place! While entering Disneyland , in the ticket counter a French girl who was issuing my ticket looked at me and said “shukriya” instead of “merci” or “thank u” , I looked at her as if I had heard something wrong. Then she smiled at me saying, “ I love bollywood and I am a huge fan of shah rukh khan!”. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself how these people in France don’t speak English but have seen our good old Hindi movies and remember such phrases from it. Jai ho Bollywood!

Euro Disney, has three partitions(if my memory is correct). One of the partitions lead to a place where there were castles, funnily dressed Disney characters jumping around with kids. There were funny rides meant for tiny tots where the parents also could sit along. Oh by the way, I too sat on a very cute merry go round with my parents! I forgot my age and I was happily screaming and waving at all the people standing outside! I was experiencing my childhood again! There were huge structures reminding me of all those famous fairytales – there was a Cinderella castle, a huge structure resembling the story of Jack and the beanstalk etc. Every time we saw such a building we could hear kids screaming out happily “its Cinderella”, “its Rapunzel” ”.  There were many funny costumes available of a princess, pirates, bugs bunny etc which all the kids had compulsorily worn! The place is always filled with some or the other dance performances going on by the famous Disney characters, which is why it has that festival feel to it. If an adult really forgets “what he is, who he is, how rich or old he is” he can really enjoy himself to the core. One should really let themselves free and enjoy with their kids (or enjoy like a kid) !There are ample opportunities for adults to enjoy the dance along with their young ones .

Well my dad too decided to let himself free and forget his age by sitting on a crazy (360 deg rotating) roller coaster ride along with me. Well I was not very sure of trying the ride, but once when I saw that my dad is going for it , I too decided to go ahead. It was an indoor roller coaster ride with a space mission theme. Basically one could not gauge the complexity or the craziness of the ride from the outside. Then , with our hearts pounding and a fear of “how bad is it going to be” and “will my specs fly out” we sat there with our seat belts tightening . The moment it began , it seemed very mellow, only to realize it was just gearing up for a “space ship launch!!!” with the countdown! 5…4..3..2..1…0…booooooom! For a second I thought my intestines were being pulled out of my mouth because of the crazy launch(I wondered if the speed was over 200kmph) and then began the weightlessness feeling, suddenly I could feel blood rushing to my head (I knew I was upside down then) , my spectacle was almost flying out, that’s when I forcefully opened my eyes! “oh my god!” it was lit up with laser lights giving a feel of falling into a universe…asteroids hitting us…in between my “aaaaaaaaargh”s I could recognize Saturn and its rings …then suddenly we were falling into a snake’s mouth..  I cud feel my head bang against the sides of my seat and finally it was over. I first checked the seat beside mine to see if my dad was still sitting there , and thankfully he was! Tightly clutching his seat belt and closing his eyes like a small kid . We both got out feeling dizzy ,pukish and throats dry after screaming our lungs out. After getting yelled at by my mom, we were back to normal and laughing our way to the other rides remembering how absolutely crazy the ride was!

There are a lot of funny rides, crazy rides(like the one we tried) , family rides, ones meant of tiny tots and lots more catering to all age groups. There are dance performances, fairy tale castles, costumes, everything a child would want! And what sets Disneyland apart from the other amusement parks is that there is this positive, free and a festival sort of an atmosphere which is unmatchable! Disneyland is one helluva place which would turn anyone into a child provided he lets the “I am an adult” wall around him to break!

Ps- oh btw! Those French kids are as naughty as our Indian ones! There is absolutely no difference in the amount they cry or pull their mother’s hair! I think being a kid or revisiting one’s childhood is UNIVERSAL!


16 thoughts on “Disneyland

  1. once again…..you have taken us to a package tour to Disneyland with your BLOG……….I was in Disneyland while I was reading this…really…

  2. hey that was a great one ! could totally feel ur roller- coaster ride esp 😉
    must have been great fun 🙂
    keep blogging! 🙂

  3. Hi chandu
    I have started feeling young Indian women author in the making why don’t u attend some professional workshops conducted for young authors in british library, very good beginning keep it up

  4. very nice. We are planning to goto disneyland in Florida during the next couple of months. Hopefully I will share my experience after that 🙂

  5. Hey Chandrika,

    Good start for a newbie!! I got this link through Padmaja.. Way to go girl. Enjoyed reading your article. Keep it up. Waiting for more..

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