Heralding the NEW entertainer

I myself remember not choosing to watch even some of his successful movies like Chori Chori Chupke Chupke  and Tere Naam.But in the past 2 years I have realized that he s been able to capture the pulse of masses in a bigger and better way than anyone.Here s Salman Khan V2.0 who can just do anything and still entertain his fans to the maximum extent..

Sometime during the mid 90s Govinda was the actor who could wear a Yellow Suit and Red necktie and still was able to make the masses dance to his tunes and tickle their funny bone like never before.Be it singing songs like “Sone Paapdi” or dancing to his self choreographed steps, Govinda could do it all.He could even fight a 7 feet tall villain with much ease.From doing family entertainers like Hero No.1 to Rom-Coms like Dulhe Raja, he was the ultimate entertainer of the masses.Then came in a time when Shah Rukh Khan tried to don the hat or infact donned the hat which was pretty well appreciated by the audience.In roles like Aman Mathur of KHNH and Major Ram of MHN, SRK did manage the baton which he always wanted to seek but somewhere he could not balance it well when he sought out to do roles for critical acclaim and in the meanwhile entertainment quotient in his roles came down.

Enter Salman Khan with his movies like Mujhse Shaadi KarogiMaine Pyaar Kyun Kiya and hugely successful No Entry he just made his way as a superstar of the single screens.Though most of his characters were about playing himself, he did it with elan.Suddenly when the chips looked down after a string of flops in 2009 he came up with Wanted.It was one of 2009’s biggest hits with approximately Rs. 33.5 crore distribution share. More than 70% of its business came from single screens rather than multiplexes.Taran Adarsh of Bollywoodhungama gave it 4 out of 5 stating that Wanted will run only on Salman’s star power.If Wanted was a bottle of wine then his next movie Dabbang was a dash of Vodka.Dabangg shattered box office records, thus made it cool to hook your sunglasses at the back of your collar and established Salman Khan as the undisputed hero of the masses – the screaming, single-screen, small town masses who form the largest share of the film audience in India. Nikhat Kazmi of the TOI awarded 4 stars while commenting, “For anybody who wants to know what is the on-screen definition of Bollywood, Dabangg is truly text book fare. It’s loud, crazy, zany, exaggerated, larger-than-life, almost nonsensical, totally make-believe, comic book like, complete kitsch, generously peppered with the mandatory desi tadka(garnishing) of songs and dances that keep popping out of nowhere and is literally oozing with star charisma”The film broke many records at the box office within the first week of its release. It went on to become the highest opening day grosser as well as the highest weekend grosser film of all time, breaking the records earlier held by 3 Idiots. The film set another box office record, grossing 80.87 crore in its first week, thus becoming the highest opening week grossing  Bollywood film, overtaking the previous record of 3 Idiots.The rage of Dabbang was such that it even went on to win the National Award for Best Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment.Now with his next film Ready, Salman clearly stamps his authority as the super-entertainer.He does things which only he can pull off.If another actor tries doing the things which Salman Khan does in Ready  audience would simply dismiss it  off as mind-boggling claptrap.But Dabbang Khan can get away with laurels of calling himself the superstar be it by displaying how he s shirt rips off when he s angry in the last scene of Dabbang or taking digs at various actors by singing “Main karoon toh saala, Character Dheela hai“.

Lights, Camera and Action!!Make way for the Entertainer of Indian Cinema!


2 thoughts on “Heralding the NEW entertainer

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