Its World Cup Man!I wanna see it!

As i walked past the park plugging in my earphones, a song which I was crazy about in my school days started playing.Suddenly a message came in to my cell phone-“U reached?Chck tickets online….”.I was startled for minute as I had completely prepared my mind to watch it on a TV set.”Reaching house in 2!Where you now?”, I replied.”Class…this lecturer is not stopping!” i got a reply from my cousin.”Oh ok..any news of the tickets being released online?”, i asked.”My fren says they ll open at 8 in the evening today”,Shit! i exclaimed as i saw the clock had just ticked 8 in my watch.I knew within minutes of ticket counter opening online, all of them would be booked by agents, crazy fans and some by the board itself!.I made sure i reached his house in exact 5 minutes and after getting the password to login to his laptop i waited for the programs to load.Every second i was just telling myself that i was late and would surely miss out on the tickets.

The moment I clicked on the Firefox shortcut, it gave out an error msg which said that my laptop was not connected to the internet.I bent down and checked the modem and the lights were not glowing indicating that it was not switched on.But surprisingly, the power button was on.I was puzzled for a moment!Power switched on but modem not switched on?”What the hell is this!”, i wondered!.I called him up and finally after a while he answered my call and told me that modem was a screwed up one and we had to keep switching it on and off till the power light on it glowed.I totally lost hopes then.By the time he came and asked me the status I was relaxed and was watching another match on the TV.Both of us then rushed to the room and he somehow managed to get the modem working.I honestly dont remember how he fixed it.Firefox home page now opened and I silently started praying that somehow we should manage to get 2 tickets from somewhere.

Moment the icc ticketing site opened, we quickly navigated to the India-England page and hovered out mouse on the stadium symbol on the page.It displayed a message,”Tickets currently not available”.He said, “they might open any moment now, we need to keep waiting.” I thanked God for agreeing to give us that one LAST chance.Thus began a journey of persistently hitting F5! Every minute we kept pressing the reload/refresh button with a hope that we might see the message”Tickets available”.This went on from 8:40 to 10:10.We also opened multiple browzers with some wiered notion that if the site gets busy we will have multiple connections.I know that it is technically BS! But still we dint not bother and kept trying every possible thing – continued reloading the same page on 2 browzers!

At 10:10 exact, I was cleaning my cellphone’s inbox when i realized i hadn reloaded the page for the last 2 minutes.”Damn!” I said and hit F5 again.Suddenly what do i see..the message, “Tickets available now!”.I started screaming, “Come here come here its saying tickets available!!Come fast!!!”.He came inside running, we clicked on the necessary link and added 4 tickets to our the virtual shopping cart.My celebrations had already begun.I was punching my fist in the air and shouting that we had got the tickets.

As I watched him fill the account details on the page, my cousin seemed as nervous as a debut bowler bowling the last over of the match!He tried recollecting all the numerous information he had given as answers to security questions.In a hustle-bustle he hit the enter button and a page appeared “Sorry Inavalid Account Credentials, Tickets could not be booked”.We both went mad on ourselves.Working in IT companies, dealing with much complex softwares, we couldn do data entry in a correct way!!!We hurried back to the main page and the dreadful message was back.”Tickets currently NOT available”. Thus began another wait, another round of F5 hits and a new round of crying over milk which we had spilt all over! We then waited and meanwhile prepared ourselves with all the details and kept reminding each other what all we need to book the tickets.”How the hell can we miss that man!” was repeated infinite number of times.20 minutes passed, the magical message appeared again and this time he screamed, “Its available! Its available!”.As decided I was supposed to do the data entry this time.

As I entered the number of tickets I needed and clicked on the payment button, my heart was pumping
as hard as the military drum roll.As I entered my transaction passwords, it asked for the numbers on my debit card.As I searched my wallet in and out, I could find all the old bus passes and id cards but not my debit card.”Where is it?”I frantically searched for it.I was not scared because I thought I had lost it, but because not having it now meant NO match tommorrow!In a minute all the contents of my bag were flushed out and there it was, a small rectangular grey piece of plastic which was more important than anything else for me that time.I rushed to the table and carefully recited the number on the card and he entered it in the text box.Then for next 56 seconds as different screens appeared on screen, both our brains were absolutely

Though we had seen similar transaction screens before, this is was time when we totally blacked out.And then a screen appeared with a message.”Woooohooo..Your tickets have been booked for the match”.We looked at each other with an expression of astonishment and then screamed..”Yeaaah”.We celebrated as if we had won the biggest lottery on earth( trust me its STILL our biggest lottery on earth!).As I tried to descend into sleep that night, few thoughts and a picture came to my mind.”What if the labourers in Eden Gardens Kolkata had not gone a strike?What if the match was not shifted to Bangalore?What if the innocent fans like me were not caned by the policemen infront of the stadium?What if the media did not make a cry out of this?What if ICC had not released tickets online as promised?What if I had entered the credentials wrong second time too?”And then a picture of a lush green outfield appeared and me seated with an Indian Flag waiting for the match to begin.


14 thoughts on “Its World Cup Man!I wanna see it!

  1. Could clearly feel the excitement which you have so wonderfully brought out in your post.Match also did justice to your excitement..What a Tie!

  2. but…….me…..I have to hold a shity text book…which a mad person has written..instead of going to the stadium and watching the match………!!!!!! CRICKET ROCKS..ACADEMICS SUCK

  3. @Girish, Diana, Prakash, Richa, Saurabh,Spoorty, Ashwin, Shobhana– Thank you…this motivates me to write better each time!!

    @Rakshu–Your day will come my boy!!

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