Letter to the TOI editor

To the editor
Dear sir,
I recently saw the episode of the MTv Roadies where the boys had to strip in front of an audience (including girls) and on national Tv. This episode was from season 6 episode 10. I was shocked to see the display of cheap theatrics to improve the TRP of the channel by tapping into the market of “need for cheap comedy”.
I am concerned because in todays deplorable world we see people who have no principles, no boundaries and no shame despite the fact that during their early ages the cinema or the internet could not avail much of the obscene (freely available today) material to destroy the part of the brain which instigates progress and decency and instead encourages the parts which rely on vulgarity for humor. What will now happen to the world when todays generation wakes up and instead of watching the likes of aladdin or superman save the week and fight their own greed, the kids watch display of nude bodies openly on national Tv. What will their thought process develop into and what limits will they be willing to never go beyond.
Are we so insecure about our culture and so un-proud that we without any delay or second thought shed the skin of our culture and adopt to a culture which is more profane? What lies in the future of todays newer generation? What culture will they claim to be from and what ethics will they possess? It seems sad but it was once “cool” to be honorable, and today it is cool to be senseless, devoid of honor and shame, careless and culture-less. I hope i can see something along similar lines in the news paper. It is not my article i seek in the print but the message.
Thanks and regards.
(Entry by Hitesh)

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