Movie Review: Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 2

Good Vs Bad, this is what I was talking about when I realized that the premiere show of Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows 2 was supposed to start after
one and a half hours.But suddenly as me and my friend Nitish started walking towards the theatre he suddenly started feeling all nostalgic about all the
Potter movies he had seen till date and finally how all of it would come to end in another 200 odd minutes.For me who has not read a single Potter book
and almost watched all the movies consistently, it was just another movie shot in 3D effects.As we waited for the gates to open, we saw a flood of Potter
fans who were just charged to watch the end of what has been an epic manifestation of story-telling.And I myself did not know what I was going to witness for
next few hours of my life.

Trust me guys right from the word go, Deathly Hallows 2(DH2) is high on pace and energy.It kicks off with Harry sitting beside Dobby s grave not knowing how
he and his trusted mates would find the remaining Horcruxes.Thus begins one of the finest scripted and directed movies of recent times.I believe that since
the previous movies had just the raw meat, the director was stiffled to skip off many of the fringe incidents about the saga,But DH2 is where all those
secrets are revealed and for someone like me who had not read the book it came up as shocker of a wave.Infact David Yates weaves a story together which I
believe for more than a decade has been a rage among people of different stages of life. 

There are few scenes in the movie which reverberate in your minds, for me they did for the next 8 hours of my life and truly deserve a mention
a.Trio s escape from Gringott's Bank on the dragon.
b.Harry s confrontation with Snape in the hall.
c.Everytime Neville appears on screen.(Specially the first he comes through the secret tunnel, the audience went up in roar.)
d.Neville s famous line,"Harry s still" infront of Voldermort.
e.Fitting finale fight between Harry and Voldermort.

But I think one more scene is worth a mention specially from a cinematic point of view.It can be accounted as one of the finest screenplays showing a
flashback which I think clearly comes in ranks of The Prestige, 5 minute sequence in Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Shutter Island.The whole sequence
where Harry comes to know about Snape s motives is simply superb.Be it featuring Dumbledore revealing one secret after one another or Snape yearning for Lily
s love, its been packed with perfect human touch with tinge of magic.

Performances in DH2 are simply outstanding.The trio of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint give a fitting farewell to 3 of the most loved
characters of our times.Be it Hermoine s care for Harry or Ron s belief that Harry indeed needs to bury his ghosts.Others too pitch in with impressive acts
specially character playing Neville.Shooting the whole movie in 3D makes this truly a masterpiece.One a personal note I feel that some sequences in 3D are
better than Avatar.The scene which shows the attempts of Voldemort's army to break through the defence at Hogwart's is jaw dropping!

Finally when the epilogue ends it still wont sink within yourself that there would be no longer a wait for more Potter movies, no longer rumours what twist
would be brought by the ace storyteller JKR and infact no other series would create as much craze as Harry Potter did for people of my generation.If you are
not a Harry Potter fan watch this movie for its cinematic brilliance and if your are a fan then DARE you miss this movie!!

Rating ****/5

3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 2

  1. Dude…. i think the night was legendary….. the fact the whole theatre gave a standing ovation was just superb…. one of the most memorable times spent with u….:)

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