Movie Review:: Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

As soon as I sat in the theatre to watch the movie I knew it would be one of those which I have grown up seeing, specially coming from the Yashraj Camp.But as soon as the reels started rolling I knew I would be wrong on this account.With the fresh pairing between Imran-Katrina and perfect rom-com kinda music this movie makes it one of those movies which you would love to watch forgetting all your worries.

Khush (played by Imran Khan) is an assistant director in Bollywood films, whose London-based brother Luv (played by Tere Bin Laden’s Ali Zafar) assigns him the job of finding him a suitable bride when he breaks up with his long-term girlfriend. With his mother by his side, Kush visits the homes of a half-dozen prospective brides – each a worse stereotype than the last – before they zero in on Katrina Kaif’s character Dimple, the seemingly perfect daughter of a Delhi diplomat.Kush, who had met Dimple five years ago while in college, remembers her as the rebellious rocker who was taken away by the cops when she staged an impromptu concert for thousands. Still a free-spirited livewire, Dimple is looking to settle down now, and Kush and his family thinks she’ll be perfect for Luv.

There are some scenes in the movie which clearly show you that the movie is shot with youth-like feel and packs a punch with young movie goers.

1.Katrina s intro scene where she pours a packet of sugar into the petrol tank of the bus.

2.Imran s search for prospective brides.

3.Katrina s rapid fire round  with Ali Zafar, specially the question “Ghajini’s Aamir Khan or OSO’s SRK” and Zafar hits back saying Salman Khan!

4.Best is reserved for the climax where in Katrina and Imran engage in a conversation in the car to bring peace between their warring fathers.

Performance-wise movie stands out primarily because of actors who deliver the most cliched dialogues with lot of ease and freshness.Imran s fits his character to the T and yet again proves there exists atleast some roles which he can sleep walk.Katrina looks astonishingly beautiful in the movie.I remember when I was in grade 2 and had gone to watch the movie Saajan when Madhuri’s magic was at its peak, the crowd had gone ballistic when her smile was shown.In the last song of the movie Katrina simply looks her best and I saw a similar thunderous response from the crowd.Ali Zafar tries and tries hard but only saving grace he has is his looks.In some scenes he even outscores Imran with the way he looks.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar s effort must be lauded for infusing the movie with lot of masti specially in scenes which are thought of as melodramatic.Sohail Sen s music is equally good and the tracks Ajab Sa Isq and Dhunki stand out.

On a whole if you are feeling after a hectic week that you need something light and breezy to freshen you up then Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is the perfect recipe you are looking out for.



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