Not only Sex and SRK but also Cricket sells!

When film actress Neha Dhupia came up with the statement “Only Sex and SRK sell”, little did she know that very soon she was going to be proved wrong  by a third entry into the list which would have double the saleable capability compared to first two.According to Steve Waugh (the former Cricket captain of Australia)  the advertisements should be such that they promote the game. The reverse logic of using Cricket as a vehicle for launching products is something that has become the way to go.Now reasons for this are many.Be it the visicous cycle of media hyping the game to increase their viewership which in turn increases the viewership of the match and thus increases the apetite of advertisers to make their products more “viewable” to the masses.Its heartening to see the statistics of the recently completed World Cup in India.The TRPs had reached zenith and advertisers were smiling all the way.Lets see through figures of viewership of the World Cup Matches.

As everyone called it by many names be it high-voltage match or the biggest encounter or the father of all matches and so on so, the Semifinal of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 between India and Pakistan played in Mohali delivered the TRP which could be termed as earth shattering or never seen before or once in a lifetime. The match that was seen by almost every one in India garnered the TRPs double than the India-Australia or India England encounters in this World
Cup.According to the viewership analysis, data released by overnight rating agencies, the average rating for the match was recorded at 11.74 points with a peak rating of 20.02 at 22.02 pm on 30th March, 2011. The peak ratings 20.02 were recorded in the end when India’s win was getting confirmed.Since it was a kind of national holiday, the next data recorded is also a kind of obvious result. Average Time Spent/viewer was 160 Minutes per person – by far the highest
in this world cup , compared to India Australia – 115 minutes and India England 99 minutes.Even if it was a working day, in Total 67.3 million viewers watched the match giving superbly good news for advertisers.But anyways the BEST was yet to come.

It wasn’t only the nation and Indian diaspora across the globe that went into unprecedented celebrations at 10:49 PM, when Dhoni hit the last six to get us the world cup. The shot also made all the world cup advertisers to shake their both legs as the world cup final between India and SL became the most watched event in India.According to FT, India vs Sri Lanka Final got ratings of 13.7, The highest by any event, and by far beyond exceptional, while the winning Moment arrived, the Ratings Peaked to 21.44, well there is no event, no match, no show – which has attracted that kind of viewership.The India- Srilanka final was rated more than any match ever, it even surpassed the India Pakistan match ratings.Ten second ad spots for India-Srilanka world cup finals were reportedly sold for 25 lakh each. It is certain with such high viewership numbers, advertisers have achieved much more than their investment.

All this high budgeted facts should also be combined with another sport-tainment in India; the IPL.Though the stat gurus say that viewership did go down from Season 1 to 4; yet the ad-men are still smiling.Why shouldn they! Everytime the IPL reaches a gloomy stage we have Sehwags and Gayles to spice it up.According to a rough calculation by media pundits its said that if during a Pune vs Kolkata match 5% of the people of respective cities watch the match on television, they still run profit for themselves.Believe it or not Lalit Modi s brainchild has brought more joy to ad investors than to “quality” cricketers playing in the slam-bang tournament.Lalit Modi had left no stone unturned in coming up with more and more innovative ways of generating revenue. Even the air space was not left untouched. The space on the blimps which were being used to forecast the min & max temperatures, the humidity levels etc… was sold to MRF for its advertisements. The deal is said to be worth 15 crore a year.Thus MRF became the official blimp sponsor for IPL-3 which is the first time ever these blimpswere used at any sports events. This might become a trend and might even seep into othergames like soccer and Baseball which are deemed to be one among the biggest games in the world.Now just think of the governments interest in IPL.With every consecutive season of IPL the pie of government in terms of  income taxes isincreasing drastically except for the exception of IPL season 2 when government has earned justa few crores which is negligible.In the first season of IPL our government got to earn almost 91 crores as tax deducted at source(TDS). Leaving out IPL season 2,from the third edition of IPL, the government is expectingaround 200 crores as income tax.

Its just turned-out that cricket has been a perennial channel for product launches, offer announcements thus raking the moolah hands down.So just think over, when India crashed out of the WC 2007, Indian cricket was reeling under Chappel fiasco, cricket found very few takers to make big bucks.But think of the unlikely hero in this situation.Hadn Misbah Ul Haq played that scoop off Joginder Sharma and Sreesanth gleefully accepted the catch, India would not have caught the T20 fever which would further lead to creation of IPL and promotion of cricket in a big big way.



2 thoughts on “Not only Sex and SRK but also Cricket sells!

  1. it cant get more true than this..!!! excellent way of putting across facts and figures. And I really liked the title..!!!! in the face of the B town hottie Neha..!!!!

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