Of Holi, Movie and Colours

So movie buffs, crack this movie quiz!

1.This holi song is picturized on 4 heroes n 4 heroines with one of them dead in the movie.

2.Big B croons in his most romantic movie till date with two gorgeous ladies.
3.This movie which was a social drama had a crime scene amidst the Holi celebrations, which was the highlight of the movie.
4.Main character picks up a dhol and goes to the heroine’s house to put color on her only to her discomfort.
5.The Holi dialogue from this 1975 bollywood blockbuster became very popular.

6.Holi Song tuned by A.R.Rahman in of his most forgetful ventures.

7.The movie Holi marked the debut of ******** (Actor) before his first blockbuster.
8.Name the holi song Anu Malik sings for Khiladi Kumar.
9.In this holi  song the heroine sings about Lord Krishna twisting her delicate hands.
10.A folk song from Uttar Pradesh that composer Aadesh Shrivastava  had heard both him and his father  sing on Holi occasions and inducted it in his movie.Name the movie and the song!
11.The latest movie to be remade in colour Hum Dono is titled as.
12.Connect the actors–Aftab Shivdasani, BIG B, Sanjay Dutt

13.With his affection towards colorful clothes, the critics started referring this actor  as COLOUR-BLIND


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