Some of the most memorable movie characters of Indian Cinema

The Indian celluloid has witnessed quite a few characters which have stood above the movie itself.From the character of  Kishore Kumar in Mr.X in Bombay to the recent Rajanikanth s Robot, they have all been ones with which the audience can relate the movie.Here are my picks of which characters were my fav! My picks!


Amitabh in Hum: – This one movie of Big B always makes me stick to the screen every time I watch it. And Big B s character Tiger as local gunda/ messiah for his best friend was stupendous. He appears as a rash character who s heart beats in the most Casanova’ tic way for his girl Jumma.Yet again he s intensity after transformation into a caring and loving brother Shekhar who can almost pull off a major general who s fought WW 3!With this dual character, hum would not have any dum in it!  

Arshad Warsi in Munnabhai Series: – “Bhai aapko body chahiye? Itni achchi toh body hai aapki..Bhai chinese body chalegi?” Such were the dialogues sprouted out by Circuit which was played by Arshad Warsi in the Munnabhai series.When the audience left the cinema halls along with Hirani s novel idea they also took back Circuit s madness and his never ending support to his “Bhai”.And in next part he cried, he made all of us cry too!!

Paresh Rawal in Heera Pheri: – When this movie released; it did not have many takers. But slowly by word of mouth publicity was description of one character in the movie.”Baburao Ganpatrao Apte”, aka “Baabubhaiyya”.Although this boasts of a trillion of Baabubhaiyya specials, one to look out for is when Suneil Shetty looks into the well and says,”Kaafi gehra hai”.Baabu snaps there,”Toh neeche jaakar naahene ki zaroorat nahi hai na!”Hera-Pheri couldn have been the same without this spectacled maharashtrian character who believes that his neighbour’s hen is more “dariya dil” than him as it eats in its master’s house but lays eggs in his house!

Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met: – Before JWM, women characters were considered strong and worthy only if she managed to kill her own son ( Mother India) or trample the villains empire(Mrityudand and numerous Rekha’istic movies!).What this movie changed was this complete notion.Kareena gave such a vibrant feel to this character of Geet that every college going girl in India not only switched back to Patiala pants but also mouthed her most famous line in the movie,”Main apni favourite hoon”.As far as I can say, this was the best female character on screen in modern cinema.

Aamir Khan in Sarfarosh:- When John Mathew Matthan decided to make Sarfarosh, he knew just one thing; such a character of a police officer was never written on the screen before. To deliver the goods for him was Aamir Khan who not only went into the skin of the character but also balanced a romantic streak with the on screen beauty Sonali Bendre.Be it the opening scene where he hammers a corrupt corporator s face to the mirror or the climax with NaseerSaab he was simply superb!Aamir s best character act till date!

Rajesh Khanna in Anand:- In Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s eponymous classic, Rajesh Khanna’s Anand is a man with the ultimate love for life.While diagnosed with a fatal disease, Anand remains spectacularly upbeat, spreading joy and good humor to people who are all destined to outlive him by quite a distance.Be it making himself feel better after a goof-up or advising his “Baabu Moshai”,Kakaji was simply awesome. A magical character.

Shakti Kapoor in Andaz Apna Apna!:- Common guys this has to be my favourite.This character has like 20 mins of screen presence, but the effect it leaves on you is something that you cant even think of. Even as I write this blog his famous one-liners still linger in my mind,”Mogambo ka bhateeja GoGo, Khandaani chor hoon, Aaya hoon, Kuch toh chori karke jaaonga”. Another one master piece was “Aankhen nikaalkar goatiyaan kheloonga main!”. Shakti kapoor clad in a “super-villain” avatar surely brought the house down with his on screen histrionics. Watch out for the “touch less but impactful kung-fu” fight with Salman at the end of the movie, you will surely ROFL!



5 thoughts on “Some of the most memorable movie characters of Indian Cinema

  1. shakti kapoor is my fav too!! u know recently i was discussing abt this movie with my cousin and we realized that every time we watch the movie we’ll come across a new dialogue which we would have missed previously! like aamir saying “hilna nahin hilaake rakh doonga” or salman saying ” gogo ji aapka ghaghra!!” lol one amazing movie

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