Thank You – Appallingly Terrible

I pretty much knew what was coming my way.But the horrors crossing all boundaries, I never expected that. After the unbearable Action Replayy, the mediocre Tees Maar Khan and the sub-standard Patiala House I knew I was making a big mistake as I clicked  the the play button on my DVD. What followed next was a never ending saga of 3rd degree torture which sure would do wonders for the leading intelligence agencies as it will prove  handy in confessing crimes of the captive criminals.

I seriously am not a critic of mindless comedies. I ve been an avid fan of the famous No.1 series of the 90’s and many other movies which followed its footsteps. But when you try to combine a languid plot along with actors like Sonam Kapoor and Bobby Deol who desparately need some acting classes the movie can be nothing short of a hair-pulling experience. So let me brief you up with the main plot of Thank you first.Raj(Bobby Deol),Vikram (Irrfan Khan) and Yogi(Sunil Shetty) are three married friends in Toronto who can’t keep their privates in their pants. When their wives Sonam Kapoor, Rimi Sen and Celina Jaitley decide they’ve had enough, they hire the services of Private Eye Akshay Kumar to teach their husbands a lesson. What follows next is a desparate attempt of forceful comic situations which make the audience cry thinking why is he/she watching this piece of crap.

Now Thank You honestly has a decent first half. Though the situations could have been handled better it still manages to bring a few laughs. But the director becomes merciless on the audience in the 2nd half and the film takes a complete downward fall in terms of writing, narrative and performances. And all this is blessed by a horrible ending wherein the movie turns emotional for no reason.Its high time that Anees Bazmee  moves ahead of the cheating husbands-forgiving wives stories and tries to do something new.

On the acting front Sonam Kapoor is terrible. Just a humble request Sonam. Please donnot venture into comedies in the near future. Bobby Deol, Sunil Shetty are equally bad. Celina Jaitley’s expressions are as hard as a rock. Akshay Kumar is passable. But Its  Irrfan Khan and Rimmi Sen who provide some good moments very much requisite for this movie. Anees Bazmee’s direction is sloppy. Music is devoid of any good numbers.

On the whole Thank you is an appallingly terrible movie which needs to be missed in order to maintain your Sanity.

Rating: * (1 out of 5)


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