Top 5 South Classics which I think should be remade into Hindi

Though I was fundamentally against remakes, I now believe that if the story of a movie deserves more audience; quite simply because of its brilliance; then remakes must be encouraged.But yes they should be deftly handled both by people on screen and off screen.Here are some of the regional movies which I have seen and would love these movies to be remade in Hindi.

1.Iruvar(Tamil):- Director Mani Ratnam ventures into another controversial film,IRUVAR. It traces the life of two people, Anandan (played by Mohanlal) and Selvam (Prakash Raj). Anandan is a budding actor who wants to make it big on the silver screen. Selvam is a writer with strong affiliations to a political party. Selvam scripts the debut movie of Anandan and this brings the two close together. The film goes on to trace their relationship. Anandan also joins the same political party and in due course of time nurses political ambitions as well.This leads to a rift between the two. Selvam becomes the Chief minister of Tamilnadu and Anandan is thrown out of the party. He forms his starts his own party and captures power .The film ends with Anandan’s death. Though we are told that this is not a true story ,it is obvious that this is fully inspired by the life and times of MGR and K. KARUNANITHI. All the characters in the movie resemble some real life character and it takes some time to identify them. Mohanlal plays MGR while Prakashraj is Karunanithi. Aishwaria plays JJ, Nassar plays Anna, Delhi Ganesh resembles RM.VEERAPPAN and Major Sundarrajan plays DGP.Mohandass.

Ajay Devgn , Irfan Khan and probably Prakash Jha can set it up in his backyard!

2.Bommarillu(Telugu): – Siddu (Siddardh) has everything in life, but in excess amounts. His over protective father (Prakash Raj) chooses what is good for Siddu, be it the color of clothes he should wear, the kind of food he should eat, or his would be life partner. That is when Siddu bumps into Haasini (Genelia) the kind of girl he dreamt of , all his life. Haasini is everything that Siddu’s father would not approve. Now Siddu is in a complex situation. First he needs to propose to Haasini and win her over. Then convince his father. Then make Haasini’s father accept him. Then break his own earlier engagement. Bommarillu is the best example of perfect casting. Genelia steals the show with her mind-blowing performance as a happy-go-lucky and innocent girl. Siddarth is born to play Siddu. He is very natural, charming and elegant. The most crucial part of his performance comes in the confrontation scene with Prakash Raj.

Shahid/Imran can reprise Siddharth with Nana Patekar taking over from Prakash Raj.I also think Anushka Sharma can do justice to Genelia’ s role there.As far as direction goes, I think Imtiyaz Ali will set it up beautifully in Mumbai!

3.Anbe Sivam:- This movie carefully builds scene-by-scene upon the chance encounter of two strangers whose paths cross when their Bhubaneswar-Chennai flight is cancelled – an union leader Nalla Sivam a.k.a. Nalla or Sivam (Kamal Haasan) and a querulous yuppie ad executive Anbarasu (Madhavan), who likes to be known as A.Arasu.The hyperactive, suspicious, whining, snobbish, selfish, English-speaking ad executive Arasu stands in stark contrast to the gregarious, Tamil loving, helpful Sivam with the slow gait and a slower cadence, the limp and slow speech attributable to injuries sustained after a bus accident.Much of the movie is narrated in flashback on a desolate railway station platform in Andhra Pradesh as the unlikely pair wait for the Coromandel Express to arrive and take them to Chennai.The picture of the red-shirted, Marxist-leaning  Kamal Haasan sitting on a bench on that deserted platform idly flinging stones into a puddle just before he takes us along on his journey into the past is one that’ll remain with us a long, long while.As the movie tells us in flashback, Kamal Haasan was a labor leader Nalla Sivam who falls in love with the company owner’s pretty daughter Bala (Kiran Rathod).Journey completes only for Nalla to find that Arasu is there to marry his love of life!

None! I repeat none can do the above roles of Madhavan and Kamal.So its better they do it in Hindi as well!

4.Amruthavarshini(Kannada):- Hemanth(Sharath Babu), M.D.of an Ad Agency and Veena(Suhasini) share an enjoyable relationship as loving Husband and Wife. Anybody would envy their unique love and devotion to one another. Abhishek(Ramesh), a friend of Hemanth who recently had lost his lady love and his desire to live enters the happy home of Hemanth and Veena. Abhi is basically of shy and softspoken nature, but Hemanth and Veena maneuovre to pull Abhi out of depression and in the process Abhi unknowingly falls in love with Veena. When he realises this, he decides to go out of their lives. Veena who is unaware of his intentions towards her insists he join them for a picnic to Kodaikanal along with a group of Hemanth’s Company staff members. At Kodai, Hemanth observes the abnormal behaviour of Abhi towards his wife and though this haunts him, he would not discuss this with his wife on whom he has abundant faith. When both Abhi and Hemanth are out on a photography stint Hemanth directly attacks Abhi and tells him that he is aware of his misdeeds and advises him to leave them alone and go away.Abhi even goes to an extent of killing his best friend to win over Veena.All in all a brilliant movie!

Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit(get her back) and Aamir Khan(Abhi’ s role) can do justice to the above roles while someone like Raj Santoshi can be behind the camera to bring out the intensity in the actors.

5.AMERICA AMERICA.. The movie is about three friends: Surya (played by Ramesh Aravind), Shashank (Akshay Anand) and Bhoomika (Hema). After finishing their undergraduate studies, Shashank goes to the US for further studies. Surya starts his business in his India. Bhoomika marries Shashank and they both settle in U.S.A.Though Surya loves her right from childhood gives up his feelings for his friends.When the American dream of Shashank begins to collapse the relationship between these three people starts changing.

As I said, they have shown the Indian-American life style only in background and the main story swiftly moves using that theme. After seeing this movie you will know what are the compromises that people make in order to earn money and posh life style in U.S.A.  Ramesh Arvind has shown emotions naturally, he has out performed the other actors.  Watch it and you will know the other side of the Indians living in U.S.A.

Ranbir Kapoor can get into Ramesh s shoes while Priyanka Chopra might do justice to the female lead and who better than KJo can handle this subject well!

– Ashwath


4 thoughts on “Top 5 South Classics which I think should be remade into Hindi

  1. @Ashwath: Become a Producer? I’m still laughing about a remake of America America being made by Karan. (But in the 21st Century, you can’t make the movie – CDs come with printed skins; not as easy to swap a CD as it is to swap a tape, no?

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