What made this World cup a sooper funny one!

Now as one cricket carnival gets over and another begins, lets look at some of the LOL moments of the WC 2011.Be it tricks used by TV channels to increase the TRPs or phenomenal performances of players on and off the field everything was truly memorable.

So much EXTRA!


For a match that lasted about about 7-8 hours we had “experts” telling us how exactly player in the arena have/had to play.What kinda characters; Harsha Bhogle who loves seeing mountain out of a molehill, Ian Chappell who can literally criticize anything and above all our very own Sidhu who with his unique mannerisms not only got on the nerve of fellow experts but also the audience who felt he was  too erratic with lines like “Pitches are like wives, you never know which way they turn!”


Ad Mads!
Rates of advertisements soared  high specially during the knockout matches.Still the product companies made sure that we had ads even when side screens were being adjusted.It so seemed that there were overs between ads and not ads between overs.Moreover these had the same cricketers selling alcohol in the name of CD’s or engine oils or even energy tabs!



Catch it IF you can!


When Mr.Kamran Akmal gave two beautiful gifts on his bday, he just didn know that these gifts would lead to tweets like, “What is Kamran’s fav pick up line…Where can i drop you?”.Add to it the cynicism of Chappell or Boycott; people who just wait for players to make mistakes.Thankfully Afridi had asked none of his teammates not to watch media hyped shows, or else Kamran would ve given up keeping!

Coming good at the right time!

One thing that Thakur says aptly right in Sholay is ” Loha garam hai maar do hatoda”(hit the iron when its hot), two people whom I promptly congratulate are MSD and Poonam Pandey.One stated that he would remove his shirt of India won(remember Dada) and other would do just the opposite(not only the shirt).Little known Kingfisher model and most wanted skipper, both of them came good just when it matter.But with one simple difference.One before the match and went numb(thankfully) after the match and other one who led his team to glory!


Why not we have Sidhu there, the same cricketers there, the same commentators there( welcome Sourav!) and more over we would just expect some Chennai model to do ala Poonam Pandey if CSK wins again!

4 thoughts on “What made this World cup a sooper funny one!

  1. Nice way of looking at the world cup.Liked the sections of Kamran and the Indian model.U could add some pics to make the entry look more zingy.Nice entry.

  2. Many thanks for another informative blog. Where else could I recieve that type of data coded in this ideal way? Apple project that we’re at the moment implementing, so i have been on the whole picture out for such info.

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